10 Gymnastics classes in Singapore that your child will love

Whether it is for Recreation, Competition or Simple fun, gymnastic classes in Singapore are super popular among kids. Here is an exhaustive list of gymnastic classes to choose from.

Gymnastic classes Singapore

Are you a parent to a super active kid jumping around the house, looking for an outlet for them to spend all that energy? Well, no one blames you. Regardless of how adorable these tiny tots are, there’s only so much excitement one can take.

Are you a parent to a super active kid jumping around the house, looking for an outlet for them to spend all that energy? Well, no one blames you. Regardless of how adorable these tiny tots are, there’s only so much excitement one can take. In this case, smart parenting is, putting the best of your little acrobats’ excitement to good use by enrolling them in one of the gymnastics classes in Singapore.

Gymnastics classes are great for building your child’s core, agility, and physical strength – all while being a fun way to gain self-confidence and boost concentration. Whether you’re looking to tone their physical flexibility and strength or simply seeking an active platform to keep them thoroughly engaged, enrolling them in a gymnastics class in Singapore is a tried-and-tested idea for kids’ recreation. 

And the best part? Kids love it! Every jump you do is another gymnastics move you master. 

Here is our list of gymnastics classes in Singapore. We hope it’ll help you find a suitable course to enroll your tiny tots and channel their energy and skills in the right direction.

Maybe you are looking at a future star gymnast; who knows!

Check out these 10 gymnastic classes in Singapore for your kids

Bazgym Gymnastic School

This reputable gym is a well-known name for learning gymnastics in Singapore. They offer gymnastics courses for children as young as 3, specially created to fit their age and skill. 

You start with booking a trial lesson if you are not yet ready to commit to the entire course. A standout feature of this gymnastics club is that classes are capped to 5 students only, meaning every student would get particular attention and guidance to excel. 

Programs are available for all ages and levels, starting with the Mini Bear Program, a recreational session for kids from 3 to 4 years of age. The school also features PhysioGym, a program to cater to kids with special needs. It aims to use the gymnastics environment to increase children’s potential to function at higher levels in their everyday lives. 


Karpenko Gymnastics Academy

This is a no-brainer if your little one has a keen interest in Rhythmic gymnastics. Founded by Victoria Karpenko, a Russian national team champion, the academy offers one of the best Rhythmic gymnastics classes in Singapore for kids aged 4-12.

Now watch your kids as they perform and shine! KGA hosts various events annually, so parents can come in and see their child’s progress. These events include open classes and internal competitions. The idea is to keep them inspired and driven while inculcating a healthy competitive spirit.

Book a trial online to get a closer look at what they have to offer for your child.


Raffles Gymnastic Academy

We are talking grand! It doesn’t get cooler than a 4,700 sq. ft. gymnasium! How about we amp that up and take you to Raffles Gymnastic Academy’s 12,000 sq. ft. air-conditioned gymnasium in Upper Bukit Timah?

Since it was founded in 2008, the academy has won many prestigious awards and has crossed milestones in producing creditable gymnasts. They offer a wide range of programs to choose from, both for kids and adults.

The recreational sessions begin for kids from 2 years of age and go all the way until adults. Now that’s taking recreation for everyone to its truest form! Kids who do well can join the (invite only) competitive classes to stand out for reasons such as focus, strength, flexibility, physical coordination and the desire to compete in gymnastics one day.


The Yard

Thinking of gymnastics in Singapore? Think of The Yard!

This gymnastics academy has possibly everything a gymnastics enthusiast could think of. Gymnastics, Trampoline, Parkour, Freestyle, you name it! Each program is available for all age groups and ability levels.

Over the years, they have assembled a team of accomplished trainers and coaching experts to provide a training experience that could do wonders for your little one. World-class equipment, paired with a spacious gymnasium, means that your kiddo will learn to handstand in no time.


Alpha Gymnastics

True to their name, they strive to hone the power-packed Alpha gymnasts of tomorrow.

Alpha Gymnastics is the perfect place if you have highly-driven aerobics enthusiasts looking to grow professionally. 

With a wide variety of class programs, they provide gymnastics classes, focusing on children’s recreational and competitive needs. You could begin with the recreational classes for your acrobatic kiddos (3 to 12 years) to have fun while jumping and tumbling, setting the ideal base for the competitive classes with four different programs for kids to advance their level constantly.

What’s more? The pros at Alpha Gymnastics believe it is never too late to learn gymnastics and have multiple programs for teens and adults too!


Prime Gymnastics Club

Prime Gymnastics Club is one of the gymnastic classes in Singapore that was set up as a non-profit organization in 1987 to promote Gymnastics. It has encouraged, trained, and inspired youngsters of all abilities and age groups to pursue their ambition of becoming world-class athletes.

They are also one of the few renowned gymnastics classes in Singapore that can train gymnasts from novice levels and help them attain mastery at elite competition levels. Recreational and competitive classes are offered for kids to improve their balance, fitness, and coordination while having fun and making new friends. 

If your little ones want to have fun while running and jumping around or have highly competitive aspirations, Prime Gymnastics Club could be the place for them, as they’ll learn the sport from the top coaches from six different countries across the globe!


Northstar Gymnastics

Spanning across a 4,700 sq. ft air-conditioned gymnasium, Northstar Gymnastics offers all the space you need for all your gymnastics goals. A fully equipped gym with FIG-approved equipment has proven to be an excellent training ground for every kid who has shared a passion for making a mark in the field of gymnastics in Singapore.

Programs are available for all age groups, beginning with Play Gym sessions for toddlers and gradually increasing the level with competitive gymnastics classes with two different programs for elder children.

Programs Northstar Gymnastics are not only limited to the younger generation as they also offer grownups the chance to tumble by offering adult gymnastics & fitness classes.


Bianka Panova Sport And Art Academy

Set up by Bianka Panova, who stunned everyone by winning the World Champion title nine times, this gymnastics academy specializes in Rhythmic gymnastics in Singapore.

The academy offers kids classes from age 4. You can choose between General and Rhythmic gymnastics styles. While General gymnastics is based on fun and recreational value, the latter focuses more on assisting your child’s development at the international level.

The kids are taught in small classes to ensure they all get the best attention possible and encourage healthy competition among them.


Bubbles Gymnastics

Bubbles Gymnastics offers a full range of gymnastics classes in Singapore for kiddos as young as 12 months of age. Their Gym tots program is perfect for parents looking to indulge their little tots in some form of physical activity. Older kids practice with Olympic size apparatus, including trampolines provided at the gymnasium. 

Oh, and did we forget to mention it? There is also a 12 m-long tumble track, zip lines and much more. Sounds adventurous, right?

While all that lies on the fun part of the spectrum, kids who want to go to higher levels and show a flair for gymnastics would be asked to join the competitive programs.


BearyFun Gym

As the name suggests, this gym is fun and for your little acrobatic bears! This gymnastic class in Singapore was founded in 2003 by Mr Aw, a kinesthetic boy diagnosed with dyslexia in his childhood. Gymnastics gave him a newfound confidence in life, and since then, he has strived to leverage his gymnastics skills to uplift other children.

This non-competitive gym allows kids to jump, run and flip in a safe and supervised environment. There are weekly gymnastic classes for kids from 4 to 12 years of age to learn fundamental skills like tumbling, backflipping and more under the guidance of friendly and professional coaches. 

You can start with a trial session and get a Beary Fun Gym t-shirt and shorts too!


Gymnastic classes are both fun and educational

Even if your child doesn’t end up pursuing gymnastics professionally, the skills they learn will be useful in other sports and their daily lives. Gymnastics teaches discipline, perseverance, and the importance of practice, all valuable life lessons. Whether your kid is a toddler or child, do sign up for one of the gymnastic classes in Singapore for their mental and physical development. To explore more options, go through our curated list of Gymnastics classes here.

Explore Klassbook for more Gymnastics Classes

To explore more options, go through our list of Gymnastics classes here. Why not start with a gymnastics trial class to gauge your child’s interest?

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