10 Football clubs and soccer academies in Singapore for your little champs

Popular football clubs & soccer academies in Singapore that can shape your little football aficionados into future champs, with timely and professional training.

football clubs Singapore

Is your child showing interest in playing football or soccer? Many football clubs / soccer academies in Singapore offer skillful training and a high-spirited environment that hones and inspires young footballers. Whether you are looking for a place to expel all your little ones’ hyperactive energy or you have a future star who hasn’t stopped kicking since the womb- there’s a high chance we have found the perfect grooming grounds for them. 

And you never know! With proper attention, guidance, and exposure at the right time, you might be preparing your child for one of the elite games in future.

10 football clubs, soccer academies – perfect stepping stones for your child’s success in football

Active SG

The ActiveSG Soccer Academy in Singapore goes beyond developing basic football skills. Their partnerships with esteemed unions like Singapore Sports School and the Football Association of Singapore are a massive boost to their initiative. The trainers here leverage soccer as a medium to build a sportsman’s character and teach the honourable code of teamwork, perseverance, and an athlete’s integrity.

ActiveSG’s Development Centers strive to inspire budding footballers in Singapore schools through programs like “Unleash the Roar!”. With the widespread reach of their training centres across the island, you can always find one in your vicinity. 


Euro Soccer Academy

It’s a  European-style-inspired soccer academy with a long-standing experience of over 70 years. Their program is built on starting young and teaching a lifelong “active for life” mindset. They have a dedicated Soccer training programme for girls ages 7  to 17. Boys’ training starts from age 6 and goes until 16. As one of the leading Soccer clubs in Singapore, they assist parents and kids in navigating youth football through their long-term athlete development (LTAD) program. 

Their vision is to keep the innate passion and joy for football alive while working towards your future football goals and enjoying a high-quality, healthy lifestyle in the longer run. 


Cosmo United Football Academy (CUFA)

Well, Cosmo’s fundamental working principle is pretty simple. At this football class, F for Football, F for Fun. With a fantastic trainers team of former S-league as well as National team players, CUFA is a leading name for Soccer in Singapore. Their program starts as early as 3 years and goes up till 16. The institution has taken early-age development’s far-reaching benefits and impact very seriously while drafting its curricula. 

But no missing out on the fun! 

CUFA aims to develop early psychomotor and football skills in a professional, personalized, exciting, and stress-free setting. As one of the leading Soccer clubs in Singapore, they have special camps, leagues, training programs, and excellent indoor & outdoor pitches designed to make your child’s football dreams come alive.  


BARCA Academy

You don’t have to be a hardcore FC Barcelona fan to enrol in BARCA Soccer Academy in Singapore. Their program methodology revolves around developing international-level professional football players. The first impression, when you visit their website, is that they genuinely value parent involvement in the child’s athletic development. 

Marc Reyes, Technical Director, FC Barcelona, personally oversees the coaching standards in local and international camps of the academy. Having represented his team in FC Barcelona for eight years, he has kept the spirit and beauty of football alive and pumping through all their students. They are one of the very few Soccer clubs in Singapore that offers programs for Disadvantaged children.


F17 Football Academy

Proudly advocating their Guided Discovery approach, the F17 Academy is a football class that’s all about actions rather than words. Founded by local football legend Fandi Ahmad in 2011, their confidence reflects in their promise of a great football experience through specially tailored training programs based on age and ability offering all the kids a chance to test their limits, move beyond them, and grow as professionals. 

Their motto is “Decide. Commit. Succeed.” Their mission is to prepare their players for life in a cut-throat world through their love for football.


French Football Academy

Grandfathered by Almighty French Football Federation, the French Football Academy Singapore has a legacy that speaks for itself. FFF Singapore seeks to recruit motivated young players between the ages of 4 and 18 who are based in Singapore and looking to go further in their footballing careers. The Academy offers its full-time students a complete educational pathway focusing on athletic development, academic study and training underpinned by world-class technical excellence, making the FFF the first football federation in the world to open this kind of innovative structure.

With their Soccer academy in Singapore, they have finally made their breakthrough in Asia. Let’s take a minute to acknowledge that your child would be under the direct mentorship of a global institution known for producing some iconic football players in history. 


British Football Academy

The English love for football is no hidden story. The British Football Academy has carried the sentiment to benefit the keen footballers of Singapore. Even though they take great pride in their adherence to discipline in the game, the academy views its players as “children first, football players second.” 

Their vibrant and experienced coaches ensure that kids have a good time and grow into well-rounded individuals while encouraging them to improve at football. Their wholesome children’s development football programs are drafted in collaboration with their international professional club partners, Blackburn Rovers FC. 


JSSL Singapore FC

Chelsea FC has been among the few FCs consistently setting benchmarks for good football.

Chelsea FC International Development Centre Singapore (CFCIDCSG), a ground-breaking football development program, is the love child of Chelsea Foundation and United World College South East Asia (East Campus), founded in 2017.

The program offers equal opportunities to a diverse set of student batches. The curriculum is Chelsea FC-approved and undergoes a strict periodic training regimen. CFCIDCSG will assist you in realizing your potential, regardless of whether your objective is to make new friends, have fun, or enhance your football abilities and improvise strategies.


Real Madrid Foundation Football School

Every Ronaldo fan dreams of being a part of the Real Madrid FC family. If you have an enthusiastic little footballer at home, you are most likely already being bombarded with requests to enrol them in  Soccer Academy in Singapore. But that might not be the only reason this Soccer club in Singapore has made it to the list. 

One look at this academy’s portfolio, and you know they mean business. They encourage intensity and passion in the game yet maintain a child-like temperament and good values that one can carry through their life.

The Teams and Technical training programs by Real Madrid Foundation Football School, executed by the pro masters of the game, are designed to make champions of tomorrow.


ESPZEN Soccer School

ESPZEN is like a little world in itself. Their Soccer clubs in Singapore have harnessed technology to analyze and teach football intelligence to the blooming players. With four world-class training venues, statistical player performance analysis, dedicated customized training programs, and a focus on developing life skills, it has the best of everything you want in a soccer club. Kids aged 4 and above enjoy fun, challenging coaching sessions with UEFA, English Football Association and AFC-qualified coaches. 


You can check out all of the above and other similar Football Clubs/ Soccer academies  in Singapore, look for their branches and other details and search by location, Near me and other filters, on our Football Clubs/ Soccer Academies page here

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