Best parent-accompanied classes for preschoolers in Singapore

Have you ever wanted to spend quality time with your preschooler while enriching their learning experience? Well, parent-accompanied classes could be for you! 


Have you ever wanted to spend quality time with your preschooler while enriching their learning experience? Well, parent-accompanied classes could be for you! Parent-accompanied classes are classes that are specifically designed to actively involve parents in their child’s early learning experiences and to facilitate parental bonding with preschoolers.

Perks of parent-accompanied preschoolers’ classes

Parent-accompanied classes do wonders for your child’s early development. 

For example, they can help alleviate your child’s separation anxiety. Transitioning from a home-to-school environment can be intimidating for preschoolers. Fortunately, parent-accompanied classes enable you to comfort your child during this challenging transition period as well as boost their confidence. 

Furthermore, parent-accompanied classes often include play-based learning, which is very effective for young children. After all, what better way to help them learn than to make the whole learning process less mundane with play?

Moreover, these classes are beneficial for parents as well! 

In parent-accompanied classes, you will experience your child’s developmental milestones first-hand, which lets you quickly identify and address any concerns about the pace of your child’s development. 

Parenting can often feel like a vexing process. Parent-accompanied classes may offer you some reprieve from the stress of it. For example, in these classes, you will encounter other parents with children in the same age group as your child. You connect with the other parents and perhaps even build a support network to support one another. After all, they say it takes a village to raise a child!

Lastly, bonding with preschoolers may be challenging today, especially when parents seem swamped by their workloads. However, these classes present unique opportunities for you and your little one to bond and strengthen your relationship. Your shared experiences with your child will surely constitute fond memories in the years to come. 

Parent-accompanied Language and Enrichments classes 

Unsure of what parent-accompanied classes to choose from? Klassbook has compiled a list of enjoyable parent-accompanied activities for preschoolers!

Language and Enrichment Classes

Language and enrichment activities for preschoolers help facilitate children’s early stimulation to support their brain development, which will aid in their future learning. These classes also boost your child’s language skills and cognitive development by teaching them crucial skills, such as problem-solving. 

1. Julia Gabriel Centre

Julia Gabriel Centre’s Playnest (for infants aged 6-18 months), PlayClub and Bilingual PlayClub (for children aged 1.5-3 years), and Stories Alive (for children aged 1.5-3 years) incorporate play-based learning that will surely pique the interest of your child. 

2. Sparknauts

Sparknauts’ Pilot programme is designed for children aged 2-3.5 years old. This holistic programme teaches your children mathematics and language and includes fun activities like trapeze swinging.

3. Wee Care

Wee Care’s Parent-Toddler PlayGroup (for children aged 18months-2 years) and their Bright Starts Programme (for children aged 2-3 years) are specially designed to help children learn through structured play activities as well as enable parents to spend quality time with preschoolers.

4. Heguru Method and YouLe Mandarin Centre 

Heguru Method‘s Baby and Toddler classes (for children from 6 months-3 years) and YouLe’s Playgroup (for children aged 18-36 months) will help your child (and perhaps even you!) improve their Mandarin skills in a fun and conducive environment. 


Music and Art Classes

Music and art classes are excellent means for your child to relieve stress while helping them feel comfortable expressing themselves at a young age. These classes also help develop your child’s fine motor skills, boost their self-confidence, and aid their cognitive development. 

1. Creative Hearts

Creative Hearts hosts musical playgroups for parents to enjoy quality time with preschoolers. For example, their Musical Bubs (for infants aged 4-9 months) and Musical Babies (for children from 6-18 months) programmes will let you and your little one dance your heart out. 

2. Centre Stage School of the Arts

Centre Stage School of the Arts aspires to use drama and dance as learning tools to help children explore the imaginative and concrete world. 

Their parent-accompanied programmes include Baby Stage (for infants from 6-18 months), Play Stage (for children from 18 months-3 years), and Ballet Tots (for children from 2.5-3.5 years). 

3. The Music Scientist

Ever wonder if your child will be the next pop star? With the Music Scientist’s Music Tenderfeet programme (for children from 4-35 months), your child will be trained in music and dance from an early age. What’s better is that you will get to participate in these activities with your little ones and jam out with them!

4. Abrakadoodle

Abrakadoodle’s Twoosy Doodlers programme (for children from 20 months-3 years) is a unique art class that will bring out your child’s inner Picasso. Together, you will surely create memorable art pieces that can be proudly displayed on the walls of your home. 


Sports Classes

Many parents worry that their children will become addicted to their phones or computers and neglect other important aspects of their lives, such as their physical health. By sending your children to sports classes while they are young, they can learn the importance of engaging in a healthy lifestyle early on. Furthermore, sports activities for preschoolers also help boost your child’s balancing skills and body awareness. 

1. The Little Gym

The Little Gym has parent and child classes for children from 4 months to 3 years old to let parents spend quality time with preschoolers while getting some exercise!

2. Roots and Boots

What’s better than learning and enrichment? Learning while playing with Mother Nature, of course! Your little one will surely appreciate Roots and Boots’ “Our Mini Outdoor Classroom” (for children from 1-3 years) unique approach to learning.

3. Happy Fish Swim School and Aquaducks

Swimming can often be terrifying for children. Fortunately, with you there, your children can be assured that they are safe while learning the basics of swimming. Happy Fish Swim School has baby classes for children aged 4-23 months, while Aquaducks’ Duckling Programme is for children aged 6-35 months. 

Overall, parent-accompanied classes for preschoolers are excellent in fostering a positive learning experience, facilitating holistic development in young children, as well as bolstering the parent-child relationship.

Explore Klassbook for more Classes

To explore more classes, go through our list of various Preschoolers classes here. Why not start with a trial class to gauge your child’s interest?

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