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This guide provides comprehensive  Information on Preschoolers starting Primary 1.

Popular P1 Preparation Classes in Singapore for your Preschooler.

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Entering Primary 1 marks a fresh chapter for both parents and children. Amidst the flurry of emotions that accompany the nerve-wracking Primary 1 registration process, a weighty question often lingers in the minds of some parents: Is my child adequately prepared for Primary 1? What foundational knowledge should a child entering P1 possess? This shift to Primary 1 holds immense importance for parents and children. Ensuring your child’s readiness for this phase facilitates a seamless transition into formal education.

Primary 1 preparation classes are meticulously designed to facilitate a seamless transition for children as they move from their preschool years to the structured learning environment of P1. These classes are purposefully crafted to give children the essential proficiencies, information, and self-assuredness needed to excel during their initial years in primary school.

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Popular P1 Preparation classes that you can consider enrolling your Preschooler in.



Subjects: Chinese 

Getting your little ones ready for Primary 1 has become easier with Berries World’s Chinese Preparatory programme! Established in 1993, Berries World is renowned for being filled with teachers who make learning fun with a multi-sensory approach to teaching primary 1 Chinese words to your little ones.

At Berries Read & Recognise Programme, stories come to life, helping your child become a skilled reader and communicator. From passages to Show & Tell sessions, they’ll grow more confident in speaking and understanding. They’ll even explore idioms and sentence structures, building vocabulary for everyday use. Plus, they’ll tackle comprehension and writing, setting a strong base for Primary One.

But learning doesn’t stop there – it’s all about fun! Engaging storytelling and interactive games keep your child eager to learn. And even after class, the adventure continues with the BerriesLand online portal. With tools like the K2 Reader Pen and Read & Recognise Audio Book, vocabulary becomes a joyful friend, making learning for Primary 1 a delightful journey.

Write Connection

Subjects: English

Get ready to ignite your child’s passion for language and learning with Write Connection’s dynamic P1 Preparatory programme!

Write Connection’s distinctive approach offers a blend of joyful learning and literacy proficiency. Through innovative methods, students embark on an immersive journey of language acquisition, igniting their curiosity and eagerness.

The programme’s unique strength lies in instilling an enduring passion for exploration. By immersing children in captivating activities, Write Connection cultivates a lifelong love for learning. Through this journey, students not only enhance their communication and creative expression but also build resilience and adaptability, setting the stage for a confident and empowered entry into the world of education. For parents seeking a holistic and inspiring preparatory experience, Write Connection’s P1 Preparatory programme stands as a compelling choice.

The Learning Lab

Subjects: English & Mathematics

The Learning Lab has been a beacon of educational excellence for over 20 years, igniting students’ passion for learning and success in academia and life. Their Kindergarten 2 programme is a testament to their innovative approach, blending creative introductions to academic concepts with a focus on independence and social skills.

Through captivating methods such as mini spelling competitions and hands-on fraction exploration, The Learning Lab cultivates an enduring love for learning in preschoolers. Their emphasis on nurturing independent learning skills equips young minds with confidence and capabilities, ensuring a seamless transition into Primary 1.

In their Kindergarten 2 English component, students dive into the world of dialogue, infusing characters with voices through imaginative dialogue tags. The programme’s Math Primary 1 section enhances number sense with place value concepts and introduces practical topics like Graphs and Measurement. The Learning Lab’s approach isn’t just about academics; it fosters vital social skills through interactive lessons.

In a nutshell, The Learning Lab’s Kindergarten 2 programme blends creativity, independence, and holistic growth to provide a strong foundation for academic and personal success.

A Grader Learning Centre

Subjects: English and Math

AGrader Learning Centre – a place where young minds thrive! Their K1 and K2 curriculum adopts an innovative “Dual-Pronged Approach,” weaving Primary 1 English and Math seamlessly. Each lesson is a captivating mix designed to keep kids engaged by switching subjects and maintaining curiosity.

Their Preschool Tuition Class stands out as a bridge, closely aligned with the MOE syllabus, filling the gap between kindergarten and primary school. Weekly Lessons and Educational Materials add vibrancy to learning.

AGrader’s approach isn’t just about skills; it’s about readiness. Their P1 Preparatory Class ensures kids are not only prepared for Primary 1 but excited about the journey ahead.

KRTC Kent Ridge Education

Subjects: English, Math, and Chinese

KRTC’s Pre-Primary Preparatory (PPP) Programme stands as a unique bridge, guiding young learners transitioning from kindergarten to the world of Primary 1.

The PPP Programme is meticulously designed to ease this crucial transition, exposing students gradually to the demands of the primary school syllabus while fostering unwavering confidence. This well-rounded curriculum not only supplements the MOE syllabus but also nurtures cognitive, social, and psychomotor skill sets. While reinforcing the fundamentals of listening, writing, and numeracy, KRTC’s approach gives students an early head start compared to their peers.

Engaging subjects encompass Primary 1 English, Math, and Chinese, ensuring a comprehensive educational journey. Moreover, KRTC’s islandwide branches are easily accessible via Singapore’s efficient public transportation.

Mind stretcher

Subjects: English, Math, Chinese

Say hello to Mind Stretcher, a trailblazer in education since 2002! Dive into their vibrant world of learning with the Primary 1 English& Mathematics Preparatory programme, an exciting bridge from Kindergarten to Primary 1.

Their programme ensures a gradual transition to Primary 1 & 2 syllabi for English and Mathematics, giving your child a significant head start. Themes like ‘Insects,’ ‘Transportation,’ and ‘Sea Creatures’ make learning fascinating and imaginative, while creative writing challenges preschoolers to express their thoughts, fostering creativity and communication skills.

At Mind Stretcher, it’s not just about academics – it’s about building confidence. Show-and-tell sessions nurture social and public speaking skills crucial for future success. Math Primary 1 comes alive with fundamental concepts like numbers, addition, subtraction, and pattern recognition.

So, if you’re looking for a class that sparks curiosity, nurtures creativity, and lays a solid foundation for your child’s future, Mind Stretcher is one of the places to be.

Learning Journey Education Centre

Subjects: English, Math, Chinese

Discover Learning Journey Education Centre – where learning is a joint adventure between parents, teachers, and students. Since 2014, their Primary 1 Preparation Class Programme has shone brightly, encompassing English, Math, and Primary 1 Chinese words in line with MOE’s syllabus. Their dynamic approach even earned them a mention in The Straits Times.

From reading class for P1 to creative writing and Show and Tell, kids are immersed in engaging English lessons. Math becomes a breeze with topics like number bonds and problem-solving. The Chinese Preparatory Class delves into reading, writing, and Hanyu pinyin – a captivating journey for teaching kids primary 1 Chinese words.

Learning Journey Education Centre’s Primary 1 Preparation Class isn’t just about academics; it’s a vibrant, interactive voyage to confident learning.

Love Kids

Subjects: Speech and Drama, Creative Drama, EQ Skills, Phonics, Public Speaking, Reading Aloud, Confidence on Stage, Creative Writing

Introducing Love Kids – a trusted name since 2004 in education. Imagine their P1 Preparation Programme as a friendly stepping stone, helping your K2 child transition to Primary 1 with confidence and joy. Love Kids focuses on making this shift comfortable, bridging the gap between K2 and Primary 1 smoothly.

Let’s delve into what they offer: They work on clear speaking, adding more words to your child’s vocabulary, and building the basics of writing for creativity. To fulfil the needs for a reading class for P1, they also practice reading out loud, which is essential for school presentations. Through fun drama activities, Love Kids helps kids speak confidently in groups and individually. And it’s not just about lessons; they teach essential life skills like talking well, understanding others, working together, and making decisions.

Bridging the Gap

Subjects: Reading & Phonics, English Language & Grammar, Mathematics, Social Thinking

Bridging the Gap’s School Readiness Programme is superhero support for kids with unique learning challenges, empowering them to leap into mainstream schools confidently.

With a team of qualified Educational Specialists and Speech and Occupational Therapists, Bridging the Gap offers a 3- or 5-day intensive programme covering reading classes for P1, phonics, English language, grammar, mathematics, and social thinking. However, what sets this programme apart is its emphasis on cultivating independence skills, fostering social and emotional understanding, establishing routines, and nurturing respect for self and others.

Bridging the Gap isn’t just bridging gaps; it’s paving a superhighway of success and skills!

Healis Autism Centre

Subjects: English and Mandarin

Healis Autism Centre is a place where dreams flourish without boundaries. Every child, including those with autism, deserves to chase their passions.

Their Early Intervention Program (EIP)  focuses on vital skills like social interactions, self-help abilities, play, and academics. Anchored in ABA-VB principles, their approach nurtures growth in a supportive setting. Tailored for children with manageable behaviours in group settings, EIP blends activities like circle time, cognitive games, social lessons, and more. With different levels catering to various skill sets, classes span 3 hours twice a week. Small groups, with a maximum of 5 children per class and a 1:3 Therapist-student ratio, ensure individual attention while maximising benefits.

In this vibrant journey through various preparatory classes and programs, we’ve uncovered a world of possibilities for your little ones.

With various classes, philosophies, and methodologies, you can find the perfect fit to empower your child’s journey into formal education. Here’s to embarking on this exciting adventure together!

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