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Learning Hindi language – Hindi Society Singapore and other Hindi Tuition centres

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Your child will be required to learn a Mother Tongue Language (MTL) as a second language during their time in school. There are three recognised MTLs: Chinese, Malay, and Tamil. Students from Chinese, Malay, and Indian ethnic backgrounds will be taught their respective MTLs. Nonetheless, Indian students who do not speak Tamil have the option to apply for learning a Non-Tamil Indian Language, which includes languages like Hindi, Gujarati, Bengali, Punjabi, or Urdu. These language courses are not offered by the Ministry of Education (MOE) and are typically arranged externally and outside regular school hours.

However, for the Hindi language specifically, numerous local schools in Singapore offer a In School Parallel Programme. More details about this initiative can be obtained from the Board for the Teaching and Testing of South Asian Languages’ official website.

Hindi language for students in other International schools

Some, but not all, international schools offer Hindi language learning as part of their CCA programme or After after-school activities.

At Global Indian International School, GIIS Hindi is taught as an optional language.

Nexus offers a Mother Tongue program as part of its CCAs, provided by Language One. The program is open to Years 1 to 6 and currently offers a weekly class in Hindi language.

Dulwich College (Singapore) offers co-curricular mother tongue programmes, Hindi language being a part of it. These languages are offered at beginner, intermediate, and mother tongue levels. All students from the ages of five (Year 2) are welcome to sign up to be a part of these CCAs.

At Australian International School, mother tongue lessons in Korean and Mandarin are conducted within the curriculum to achieve maximum language immersion. For all other languages, including Hindi, students take up to 18 classes each term, twice a week, after school hours.

At Tanglin Trust School, Hindi language falls under non-core language, classes for which are conducted during lunch or after school.

This is not a complete list. Look into individual schools that you want to enrol your child in.

List of Hindi tuition centres in Singapore

The Hindi Society Singapore


Hindi Society follows the same curriculum material for the classes conducted for NTIL (Non-Tamil Indian Language) students. Hindi Lessons are conducted for mainstream students, Primary 1 to A level, who have opted for Hindi as their Mother Tongue subject either at Weekend Centres or in some schools during curriculum time.

Hindi Society conducts Vidyajyoti 1 & Vidyajyoti 2 programmes for kids aged 4 to 5. It is a fun-filled programme for kindergarten students and is conducted on Saturday mornings at all the Vidyajyoti Centres. In some Centres, afternoon sessions are also available.

At Hindi Society, many enrichment courses and activities are conducted for the Hindi students during the March, June, September and December school holidays. These opportunities teach examination techniques to students sitting for yearend exams, especially those appearing for the PSLE, O level and A level examinations.

For more information on Centre locations, check here.

DAV Hindi School


DAV Hindi School conducts classes for all students, offering Hindi as a Mother Tongue subject (Non-Tamil Indian Language-NTIL) and those who may wish to learn it as a non-examinable subject(Non-NTIL). They offer classes at Kindergarten, Primary, and Secondary up to ‘A’ Levels. Their Hindi courses are conducted as part of In-School Parallel Programmes (ISPP) during school curriculum time and at their centres outside the school curriculum.

For more information on their courses and locations, please click here.

OClass Academy


OClass Academy is an online portal brought to life by a small team of language and IT specialists to supplement your school syllabus. They launched their first “Hindi Paathshala” course in 2021, in close association with DAV Hindi School Singapore.

This course has one of the most extensive collections of Vocabulary, Grammar, Comprehension, Listening Comprehension, and Graphic Stimulus-based question answers for students.

Their content is created by skilled teachers and vetted for every class.

Practice Algorithm caters relevant questions to students (Depending upon their Right or Wrong answers). The platform treats weaker and brighter students accordingly.

To learn more about their courses, click here.

Genuine Solution Guru

Genuine Solution Guru provides face-to-face as well as online Hindi language classes. They have Structured and well-planned Hindi lessons per the local school curriculum and the International School syllabus.

They provide one-on-one tuition for those who need individual attention and focus. Their lessons are customised to suit your child’s learning needs. They also develop enhanced interest in Hindi by introducing it in a playful form for younger children. Their programme emphasises correct pronunciation of Hindi words, making studentsstrong in spelling and learning various idioms,proverbs,vocabulary etc. They also conduct consistent revision of Grammar rulesto enhance sentence structure.

For more information on their programmes and location please click here.


Hindishiksha offers Hindi tuition for primary and secondary-level students. Using proven methods, their experienced and dedicated tutors provides students with a conducive environment for them to excel in their Hindi studies. Their classes are both online as well as face to face and are available for individual as well as group sessions.

For more information on their courses and locations, please click here.

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