10 Dance classes in Singapore that are all about fun and learning some groovy dance moves!

Dance classes in Singapore are many, pick from this curated list according to your child’s age and interest.

Dance classes Singapore

Why are we so joyful about moving our bodies to a song we love? The happiness we find in Dance can’t be explained in words – it must be felt. Such is the love for Dance in everyone’s life! And kids are not far behind. There are many dance classes in Singapore where your kid can feel this joy and have unlimited fun.

You might have often noticed your little ones shaking their leg to a beat around the house or going full MJ mode once you play their favourite song. Smart parenting is putting your little tots’ dancing moves to good use by enrolling them in one of the many dance classes in Singapore. Not only do they offer the benefits of dancing in general, such as improved coordination and self-expression, but they also provide a structured environment for kids to learn and grow. The best part? Kids absolutely love to dance!

We’ve handpicked dance classes in Singapore you can check out before enrolling your kid. Whether your child is into Classical Ballet, Jazz, Street dance, Hip hop, K-Pop or Lion Dance –   whichever it is, there sure is a class that will suit their interests and needs. Happy dancing!

10 dance classes in Singapore for your child to groove and move

Dancepointe Academy

Classical Ballet, Jazz, street dance, hip hop, k-Pop & Contemporary.

Dancepointe Academy, a premier academy for Dance in Singapore, was founded in 2005 and has since been renowned for producing dancers of all ages, from 3-year-olds to professionals like teachers and company dancers.

You can find 6 different classes for your kids based on age, level, and preferred dance form. Beginning with the Creative Pre-School Ballet programme (for 3 & 4-year-olds), the dance academy provides a fun activity for young kids to release their energy, improve their athletic abilities, foster curiosity, and encourage creativity.

For kids 5 years old and above, the academy has classical ballet, contemporary, Hip Hop, Jazz, and k-Pop dance classes in Singapore. They are famous for Hip hop and K-pop classes in Singapore. While Hip hop and k-Pop classes have a 1-hour session once a week, other dance forms will be taught in a 45 min session.

No matter the dance form, your kids will find their preferred dance lesson here!

Locations: Ang Mo Kio Ave, City Square Mall, Alexandra Retail Centre, Downtown East, Punggol, and 15 other locations across Singapore


Stepping Out Studios

Ballet, Jazz, acrobatics, contemporary, hip hop & more

Let your kids step out and have some fun! Stepping Out Studios is the home of Stepping Out – a community organisation which aims to create a vibrant culture of Dance in Singapore, enabling everyone to engage with Dance in all its forms – as a leisure pursuit, as an art form and as a means of maintaining physical and mental well-being.

It offers over 6 different Dance classes in Singapore for toddlers and kids, beginning with Melody Bear – dance classes for preschoolers (2 years and above). This dance class focuses on the foundation of Dance through movement, ballet, and tap dancing.

The Little Stars program is for transitioning younger dancers (4-5 years) from the fundamental level to the CSTD-graded classes. Kids can learn a mix of Jazz and tap or ballet and Jazz.

The character dance classes (for 6 years and above) are the perfect fit for learning the art of character dance to expose your kids to many popular character dance adaptations, including the national dances of Hungary, Russia, Poland, Italy, China and Spain.

If you are looking for Unique Dance lessons in Singapore, this is the place.

Location: City Square Mall


All That Jazz Dance Academy

Ballet, Jazz, tap, street dance, lyrical, modern contemporary & musical theatre

All That Jazz Dance Academy is a dance studio in Singapore that is committed to providing kids with high-quality artistic dance education to encourage and inspire greatness in the arts.

Enrol your little dance enthusiast in this school of Dance in Singapore to help develop their budding love of music and movement. Your kids can choose between a wide range of fun and educational programs while emphasising classical ballet training as a base for all the dance classes.

Their popular Dance classes include Mommy & Me (22 months – 3 years), which provides a fun way to stimulate the child’s learning process through Dance while nurturing the existing bond between parent and child.

Twinkle Tots and Twinkle Stars (Ages 3-5)are great for toddlers with the option to choose between Ballet & Jazz combo, Street Dance or Musical Theatre. These classes are a fun way for toddlers to pick up social skills while building physical and mental strength.

Older kids and children (above 3 years) can learn various dances, including ballet and jazz combo, Musical Showstoppers, street dance, acro, contemporary, Lyrical Dance and much more.

Locations: Forum The Shopping Mall, Winstedt Road, Claymore Hill, i12 Katong


Tanglin Arts Studio

Baby ballet, classical ballet, Jazz, tap, lyrical, contemporary, hip-hop, musical theatre & more

Established in 2007 by former prima ballerina Kathleen Quinn this dance studio is well-known for providing a variety of dance classes in Singapore for all ages and abilities. Their Early Years Program is based on the “Leap’ N Learn” curriculum to instil a passion and love for Dance through expression, creativity and technique. 

Working closely with an experienced and fully-qualified staff, the academy has a supportive and positive approach to aid your kids to dance with style and boost their self-confidence along the way.

Location: Hollandse Club


Centre Stage School of the Arts

Ballet, contemporary, boys’ Dance, Jazz, hip-hop, tap, musical theatre.

This school was started in 1999 with a mission to create an environment allowing children to use drama to explore both the imaginative and concrete worlds. Since then, they have come up with a plethora of classes, including dance classes for kids. The fact that Centre Stage School of the Arts has expanded from one room in a condo in 1999 to centres in the West (2007) and East (2012) and dance studios at Fusionopolis in 2011 is evidence of its popularity.

Known for providing one of the best ballet classes in Singapore to kids as young as 2.5 years, their supportive and qualified staff aims to provide the right start for your tiny tots in the dancing world. What’s best? You can also join in the fun with your little partner. 

All their other Dance classes in Singapore, including contemporary, hip hop, Jazz, and much more, are for kids above 7 years of age.

Location: Woking Road, Marine Parade Road


Dance Thrilogy

Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Acrobatics, Hip Hop, Contemporary, Lyrical, Song & Dance, Musical Theatre

Widely recognised as one of the top dance studios in Singapore, they became widely known for being one of the finalists of the first season of Asia’s Got Talent (2015).

Aside from the TV program, the dance studio is a pioneer in creating exceptional professional dancers who have won prizes in both solo and group dance contests.

Overall, they offer ballet, tap, Jazz, acrobatics, hip hop, contemporary, lyrical, song & Dance, musical theatre, and PBT (Progressing Ballet Technique) classes to dancers of all ages and abilities. 

One can easily say they are one of Singapore’s most famous Dance classes.

Location: Marina Square Mall


Joyful Steps & Rhythm

Ballet, Hip hop, Jazz, contemporary, Yogaballet

Want to provide support to your kids’ joyful steps? Joyful Steps and Rhythm is the answer! This dance school was established in 2009 to promote holistic Dance in Singapore for the dance dreamers. Joyful Steps and Rhythm follow the RAD curriculum and has held the RAD examinations in their main studio as an approved examination centre since 2010.

They support creating a supportive environment for nurturing prospective ballet dancers from age 3 onwards to live or visit their ambitions, as well as wholesome dance and fitness instruction.

At the introductory level, young children are introduced to the basics of ballet using an imaginative approach, focusing on coordination, music and imagination and simple stretching movements. Minimum age: 2.5 years old (BB) & 3 years old (PB).

Their dance studio in Singapore has facilities like top layers of dance rubber mats added to the excellent sprung flooring system to meet the demands of classical ballet training and examinations. Both studios have two changing rooms and a place to store baggage for the students’ comfort.

They pride themselves on being one of the most professional Ballet schools in Singapore.

Jazz, Contemporary, Hip Hop, K-pop, and the well-liked Barre, bodyART, and YogaBallet Fitness are also covered in their programs.

Location: Beauty World Centre, Rochester Mall, HomeTeamNS


Dance Bollywood International

 Bollywood Dance

Bollywood! The word is enough to put an action-packed, high-volume, dancing-with-their-hearts industry before you. Let your kids perform to some of the most amazing Bollywood beats at Singapore’s best Bollywood dance class.

Dance Bollywood International is headed by Master Anil Dandge, an experienced Bollywood choreographer from Mumbai, India, well-known for his high-energy dance performances. 

The kids’ beginner classes (for 4 years and above) could be the best fit to channel your kids’ energy and have them learn some great moves to perform!

Location: Golden Landmark, Parkway Center


Xuan Sports

Lion Dance

If you are looking for Chinese dance classes in Singapore, this is the place.

Xuan Sports started in 2013, focusing primarily on the sport of Wushu in Singapore, thanks to their founder, Jun Beng’s passion for it. Since then, it has been incorporated into a much larger academy for various activities such as Wushu, Sanda, and lion dance.

The academy specialises in lion dance – a cultural art form popular in the South-East Asian region. Your kids can learn this traditional form of Dance in Chinese culture and play percussion instruments with the dance form—their Lion Dance lessons guarantee hours of fun. Moreover, kids learn to work in a team and appreciate this very special part of the Chinese culture while keeping fit.

Location: Bestway Jurong, Kallang Wave Mall, Bukit Batok East Community Club


Chi Life Studio 

Lion Dance

Last but definitely not the least! This final entry on our list is a studio specialising in Chinese dance classes in Singapore. The Ch’i Life Studio’s Dance Workshop, by one of the well-known and respected names- Master Cheung, has only 12 spaces open for the little enthusiasts. It is the right fit to introduce your little kids to the Lion dance. 

The school offers a deep dive into Chinese dancing for kids 4 years old and above. Your little ones will begin by learning the fundamentals of lion dance in different positions and movements, from Lion’s head to the Tail, from the sleeping position to walking, jumping and chewing techniques. They will also be taught various lion dance instruments, such as drums, gongs, and symbols. 

You might need to hurry. The seats get filled really fast! 

Location: Claymore Connect


In conclusion, dancing is a great way for children to express themselves, improve their coordination, and have fun. By choosing the right dance class, you can help your child discover a lifelong love for Dance. To explore other dance classes in Singapore, look through our various dance forms here.

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To explore more classes, go through our subject list and find classes for various Dance forms here. Why not start with a dance trial class to gauge your child’s interest?

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