10 swimming classes for toddlers and parents to bond together.

Swimming classes for toddlers start as early as 4 months old. They are a perfect way to bond with your babies. Here are some parent-accompanied swimming classes for toddlers and babies that you can look into.

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Bonding with the toddler while having some fun is what every parent wants. We want to steal some moments of joy from our otherwise hectic life. One of the ways to bond is to go on an enthralling quest with your little tots while giving them a fun way to splish and splash around!

Yup! We are talking about parent-accompanied swimming classes for toddlers and babies. Swimming classes for toddlers, where you can accompany them and bond while they learn to swim, can be a great way to spend quality time with your tots. It may seem unconventional to some parents, but swimming offers incredible advantages to kids, no matter how young they are. And if you have the right coach and environment, swimming lessons can be an excellent experience for kids! 

So if you are ready to take the dive (no pun intended) and look for swimming lessons in Singapore for your young ones, look no further. We have compiled a list of baby and toddler-friendly swimming classes for you to explore. Prepare to find a weekly dose of fun for you and your baby.

Get. Set. Swim!

10 swimming classes fit for toddlers

Happy Fish

Props to the one who came up with the name! For that is precisely what your toddlers and babies seem, a bunch of happy fishes while splashing water with their baby feet.

Established in 2007, Happy Fish Swim School offers swimming lessons in Singapore for babies as young as four months.

All Infants / Toddlers Programmes are parent-accompanied classes. They have classes at various venues across Singapore with more than 300 certified instructors to look after your tiny tots.

With their indoor heated swimming pools, private or group lessons, and comfortable learning environment, your babies will surely fall in love with water!


Little Swim School

Founded by Garett Lee, a veteran swim coach with close to 20 years of experience, the Little Swim School has an indoor, temperature-controlled saltwater chlorinated swimming pool as its flagship venue. 

Rain or sun, there is nothing to worry about!

The school specializes in baby and toddler swimming lessons and learn-to-swim programmes for kids. Baby swimming lessons start as young as 6 months, and toddlers swim lessons are for kids between 4 to 6 years

Private swimming sessions are also available upon request


Little Splashes Aquatic

 Some of the exciting baby swimming lessons in Singapore are provided by Little Splashes Aquatics, which was born from a combination of 20 years of teaching experience and expertise in early childhood psychology. Their swimming lesson plans are exclusively drafted for all age groups, whether it’s for infants (3-18 months old) or toddlers (19- 36 months old). They contend that swimming can help kids develop most cognitive and physical abilities. 

The child-centred curriculum has been thoughtfully designed to promote social connection, continuous engagement, full participation, and holistic learning. 

Every water activity and every routine practice session for a particular ability includes play and music. Now that’s thinking out of the box!


Aqua Ducks

Since its beginning in 1989, Aqua Ducks has stuck to its motto – to train swimmers of all ages. The swimming lessons are streamlined to Singapore’s specific weather conditions and need by employing a smart blend of the best American, European and Australian teaching techniques.

The Duckling programme is ideal for children between the age of 6 to 36 months, and Duckie Programme is available for 3 and 4-year-olds.

They offer Learn to Swim Programme for students 5 years and above. Their heated and salt-chlorinated pools across different venues are gentle on baby’s sensitive skin, building a safe and fun learning environment. With vibrant and energetic coaches that comfort and motivate you at every step, you make the most of your experience at their swimming classes. 


Able Aquatic School

Always Believe in Lifelong Exercise (ABLE) best defines the mission statement voice of Able Aquatics – a leading provider of Swimming lessons in Singapore. Founded in 1981 by Darryl Chua Sing Ghiam, a registered swimming coach with Singapore Sports Council, the school is affiliated with the Singapore Lifesaving Society.

Able Aquatics offers group swimming classes at more than two dozen public swimming complexes across Singapore. Their teaching is endorsed by the globally recognised “Learn To Swim Program” and SPORT Singapore, thanks to their massively experienced team.

A special shout out to their fun programs for kids with special needs, making Able Aquatics stand true to its name.


Swish Swimming

Calling Swish Swimming one of Singapore’s most beautiful swim schools won’t be an understatement. It is set amongst the lush green gardens of Dempsey Hills; mesmerising, isn’t it? Not only that, Swish Swimming offers both indoor and outdoor temperature-controlled pools.

They have different levels of Parent accompanied swimming lessons in Singapore for kids between 4 months – 3.5 years, providing an opportunity for babies to become little mermaids or fierce water warriors in no time.

All kids are unique and important – with this principle in mind, Swish offers special needs program to provide specialized swimming classes for kids with special needs.


Isplash Swim School

As one of the fastest-growing swim schools for kids in Singapore, Isplash offers swimming lessons certified by the National Registry of Coaches, AUSTSWIM, and SSTA. They are registered with Sports Singapore and certified to coach per the Ministry of Education standard.

They offer swimming classes at multiple locations, including ActiveSG Jurong West, ActiveSG Jurong Lake Gardens, ActiveSG Bukit Batok, and ActiveSG Choa Chu Kang Swimming Complex, as well as in private pools at your convenience. 

Their toddler program is focused on making kids water confident, developing coordination skills and promoting family bonding. Our word is that your kids will have a splashing time at Isplash!


Marsden Swim School

Babies and toddlers between 4 months to 4 years old can enjoy the in-water experience at Marsden. According to their website, this swim school is Singapore’s only Gold Standard AUSTSWIM swimming school. With over two decades of experience offering swimming lessons in Singapore for babies, toddlers and kids of all ages, they have covered and heated pools, leaving no stone unturned for the comfort of your little ones. 

A highly trained and professionally accredited team of trainers means your kids are in safe hands and on the right path to becoming fluent swimmers one day!


Smile Swimmers

As the name suggests, Smile Swimmers Swimming School brings the sheer joy of swaying and gliding through the waters back into the skill of swimming. They have several indoor and outdoor temperature-controlled pools across Singapore. There’s a coach and a pool for everyone, from adorable little babies (3-12 months old) or naughty toddlers (13 months to 3 years old). 

The best part? With their super convenient locations across the island, you save SO much travelling time. So, you get more time for fun. Yay! 


Friendly Dolphin Swim School

Friendly Dolphin Swim School especially cater to early swimmers. The swim school encourages children to learn to swim as young as possible and to begin aquatic development as early as 6 months. Friendly Dolphin Swim School was established because its Founder was frustrated by the lack of attention he could give in large, community-centre swimming classes he previously taught. He thought there could be a more effective way to conduct swimming lessons in Singapore in a more comfortable learning environment that is also convenient for learners. To achieve that, they have drafted a holistic and well-rounded curriculum for their babies and toddler swim lessons.

Whether you have a water-phobic child, want to help a keen athlete looking to scale up their swimming skills, or want to make your toddler water-ready, Friendly Dolphin has been serving every kind of swimmer to achieve their goals. 


Swimming Classes for Toddlers are Safe and Fun

In conclusion, swimming is an excellent way to bond with your toddler while giving them a fun and safe way to explore the water. With the right swimming school and instructor, your child can develop water safety skills, build their confidence, and improve their physical and mental well-being. So, take the plunge and enroll your child in a swimming class today!

Explore Klassbook for more Swimming Classes

To explore more classes, go through our list of Swimming classes here. Why not start with a swimming trial class to gauge your child’s interest?

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