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This guide provides comprehensive  Information on DSA (Direct School Admission) process for secondary school.

Is DSA Soccer Only For Boys? Of Course, Girls Play Too

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Does your daughter enjoy soccer? If yes, you may want to check out the application process for soccer DSA for girls in Singapore. Should you be new to Direct School Admission (DSA), we encourage you to take a moment and learn more about the application process here. 

Soccer is the national sport of Singapore. While traditionally male-dominated, this has changed over the years as more trailblazers broke the mould and grew the community. The Football Association of Singapore (FAS) now regularly runs Women’s League competitions and programmes. International trends also look promising, with FIFA aiming to facilitate 60 million female soccer players worldwide by 2026.

DSA Soccer for Girls

Soccer is just one of the many options for sports DSA for girls in Singapore. While it is a rarer and more niche option, this may end up being to your advantage. Here are 4 reasons why you should consider soccer DSA for girls in Singapore.

Good Schools Offering Soccer DSA for Girls

There are many good schools with strong academic programmes that offer sports DSA for girls in Singapore. This applies to soccer DSA for girls in Singapore too. These top schools include Methodist Girls’ School and Dunman High School.

Maximise Athletic Talent

Just like any other skill, athletic ability has to be honed. If your girl gets into a school through Soccer DSA, it will allow her access to top-notch coaches and sports facilities. The rigorous soccer training will accelerate your child’s learning and help them improve effectively.

Pursue a Sports Career

As a soccer DSA student, girls are expected to compete in national, regional and international competitions, which can set them up to succeed in a long-term sports career. The schools will also provide excellent coaches, training programmes and facilities available for them to perform at their best.

Balance Academic and Sports Performance

Another reason you should consider soccer DSA for girls in Singapore is that it enriches their schooling experience. Being an active soccer player and DSA student encourages girls to manage their time well and balance both academic and sports commitments. The school will also provide the support necessary to help them succeed at both.

How Can Girls Apply for DSA Soccer?

The application process is same for all sports DSA. The girls are to apply through the DSA-Sec Portal. The application period is typically in May each year. 

If your child is shortlisted, she will be invited to attend interviews and sports trials, usually between June to September. The schools will then make their decision and contact selected candidates by September.

According to MOE, secondary schools that currently offer soccer DSA for girls are Boon Lay Secondary, Dunman Secondary and Methodist Girls’ School (which also offers IP). Other schools offer both girls’ and boys’ soccer, including Bowen Secondary, Meridian Secondary, Queensway Secondary, Tampines Secondary and Woodlands Secondary. 

If you are looking to enrol your daughter in a girls’ school, Methodist Girls’ School in Bukit Timah may be the perfect choice. Methodist Girls’ School is the only secondary school in Singapore that offers DSA sports applications for its IP programme.

Methodist Girls’ School and Woodlands Secondary School are joining the School Football Academy (SFA) programme this year, in 2023. The SFA programme stems from the Unleash The Roar! (UTR) project, which aims to grow local soccer and push for qualified candidates for the 2034 Fifa World Cup.

Bowen Secondary School girls have also played soccer well for many years. Both their B and C divisions have maintained their positions in the top 4 at the National School Games (NSG). 

Eager to enrol your child in the East? 

If your daughter has an appreciation for both sports and science, Dunman Secondary’s STEM-focused curriculum and campus will be a blast for her to experience, making every day fulfilling even outside of the soccer field.

Imagine your daughter as the next star player in Tampines Secondary School’s girls’ football team, the TiTANS! The TiTANS frequently participate in tournaments organised not just by schools but also by football clubs, academies, and organisations. Furthermore, they contribute to the next generation of players by organising events such as football carnivals for local primary schools.

In conclusion, explore different schools with your daughter before deciding on the best option. You may want to visit school open houses, talk to their students, ask them questions directly, and do more online research. It is also important to prepare your daughter beforehand for the interview, trials and application process to increase her chances of success.

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