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This guide provides comprehensive  Information on DSA (Direct School Admission) process for secondary school.

DSA Sec via football for your soccer lover kid

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Is your child a proficient football or soccer player? While they may not be the next Cristiano Ronaldo, having a talent for the sport can increase their chances of securing a position in a secondary school through DSA in football or soccer.

What is Direct School Admission (DSA – Sec)

 The Direct School Admission (DSA- Sec) program was introduced in 2004. It allows Primary 6 students to apply for secondary schools before taking their PSLE. Students are selected based on their talent in sports, CCAs or specific academic areas, for example, DSA football.

The school offering DSA-Sec usually places a significant emphasis on that sport or talent. They may typically engage in inter-school and national competitions. To enhance their performance and reputation, these schools often offer preferential enrollment to candidates who excel in these areas.

These talented candidates are further groomed to represent the school at national competitions. The school’s culture of excellence in these specific areas is thus strengthened and sustained.

From the student’s or parent’s perspective, the Direct School Admission (DSA) program provides an alternative path into notoriously competitive schools with steep academic requirements. It is a good backup plan for parents and children who wish to have peace of mind and secure their places without relying solely on PSLE results.

Additionally, parents may wish to send their children to those schools because they desire to continue improving their skills in these areas. They may be attracted by the school’s rigorous programs and competitive opportunities.


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Who can go for DSA football?

Athletic Talent: If a student has a natural talent for soccer and has achieved significant success in the sport, then choosing soccer for direct school admission can be a good option. Singapore schools value students who excel in sports, and soccer is one of the most popular sports in the country.

Passion for the Sport: If a student is passionate about soccer and wants to continue playing at a high level while pursuing their education, then choosing soccer for direct school admission can be a good option. Singapore schools offer excellent facilities and coaching for soccer, which can help students develop their skills and achieve their goals.

Career Goals: If a student wants to pursue a soccer career, choosing soccer for direct school admission can be a good option. Singapore has a thriving soccer industry, and schools often have links with professional clubs and organizations, which can help students get a head start in their careers.

Balance of Academics and Sports: Singapore schools place a strong emphasis on academics, but they also recognize the importance of sports and physical activity for students’ overall development. Choosing DSA soccer can help students balance academics and sports, leading to better academic performance and overall well-being.

Preparing for DSA in football

Many children start learning soccer from an early age. In fact, the recommended age to start is between 3 to 5 years old, although older kids can also learn the sport quickly.

Soccer is commonly played in neighborhood courts and public facilities. The barrier to entry is low as the rules and techniques are easy to understand. However, it is a different matter to excel in the sport.

You may first want to identify whether your child has a talent in the sport. Play a casual match with them to discern if they have a shot at playing competitively in school. If they have an interest and natural talent in soccer, you may hone their skills further by sending them to football clubs.

Many football clubs in Singapore promise excellent coaching and positive results. They cater to parents and children who aspire to participate in the JSSL Singapore National Youth League and join secondary schools or Singapore Sports School via DSA. Some of these football clubs and soccer schools include Cosmo United Football Academy (CUFA), Real Madrid Foundation Football School, Barca Football Academy, F17 Football Academy and French Football Academy.  ActiveSG also offers a great football academy and coaching and is highly affordable and convenient with its numerous locations across Singapore.

Want to get into DSA football? pursue football CCA in  Primary School

Apart from sending your children to football academies for extra enrichment, you should also ensure that they participate in the football CCA in school. This allows them to train more regularly and presents opportunities to participate in competitions. Your child can also get good testimonies from their teachers and coaches, which may help in DSA applications.

Depending on the rigour of their school’s CCA program, your child may train once or up to three times a week.

Secondary Schools with DSA in Football

Many secondary schools offer DSA via football or soccer. This is a great incentive to opt for football DSA. You may choose a school that is conveniently located and desirable to you and your child.

Here are some of the secondary schools in Singapore that have a strong football culture and provide football DSA option. To get the most updated list of secondary schools offering Football DSA, check here.

  1. Anglo-Chinese School (Barker Road)
  2. Ang Mo Kio Secondary School
  3. Assumption English School
  4. Bartley Secondary School
  5. Beatty Secondary School
  6. Bedok South Secondary School
  7. Bedok View Secondary School
  8. Bendemeer Secondary School
  9. Boon Lay Secondary School
  10. Bowen Secondary School
  11. Commonwealth Secondary School
  12. Dunman Secondary School
  13. Fairfield Methodist School (Secondary)
  14. Gan Eng Seng School
  15. Hougang Secondary School
  16. Kranji Secondary School
  17. Mayflower Secondary School
  18. Meridian Secondary School
  19. Methodist Girls’ School (Secondary)
  20. Montfort Secondary School
  21. North Vista Secondary School
  22. Orchid Park Secondary School
  23. Pasir Ris Secondary School
  24. Queensway Secondary School
  25. Seng Kang Secondary School
  26. Serangoon Garden Secondary School
  27. St. Gabriel’s Secondary School
  28. St. Joseph’s Institution (Secondary)
  29. St. Patrick’s School
  30. Swiss Cottage Secondary School
  31. Tampines Secondary School
  32. Tanjong Katong Secondary School
  33. Victoria School
  34. West Spring Secondary School
  35. Westwood Secondary School
  36. Woodlands Secondary School
  37. Yishun Secondary School

As mentioned, there are many benefits to applying via DSA. PSLE outcomes are uncertain, and it can be unsettling to let it determine your child’s secondary school options. Applying through DSA football or other DSA allows for greater leeway to prepare and select a school.

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