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Martial arts like Judo, jiu-jitsu, Kickboxing, MMA, Taekwondo, Wushu build physical stamina, confidence and other life skills in kids. Read on to know more about various Martial Arts forms.

Martial Arts

Congratulations! You have made the best parenting decision by deciding to put your child in a martial arts class in Singapore. The tricky part is deciding which martial art is best for your child as a beginner! The answer to this question depends on why you want your child to take up martial arts.

There’s no one single most useful martial art. The martial arts forms that usually offer specialised classes for beginners are Taekwondo, Judo, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Kickboxing, Boxing, MMA, Muay Thai, and Wushu. Although they are similar, they are also different in many ways. 


Martial art forms that are most popular

Taekwondo: This Korean martial art focuses on kicking techniques and is great for improving flexibility, balance, and coordination. It also teaches self-discipline and builds confidence.

Judo: This Japanese martial art emphasizes throws, grappling, and joint locks. It is a great way to improve strength, agility, and coordination while also teaching respect and self-control.

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu: This martial art focuses on ground fighting and is great for improving overall fitness, strength, and flexibility. It also teaches self-defence techniques and promotes teamwork and respect.

Kickboxing: This sport combines martial arts techniques with boxing to improve overall fitness, agility, and coordination. It also teaches self-defence and discipline.

Boxing: This sport focuses on punches and footwork and is great for improving overall fitness, strength, and coordination. It also teaches self-defence and discipline.

MMA: Mixed martial arts combines various martial arts techniques such as wrestling, boxing, and muay thai. It is great for improving overall fitness, strength, and coordination while also teaching self-defence and discipline.

Muay Thai: This Thai martial art focuses on striking techniques such as punches, kicks, elbows, and knees. It is great for improving overall fitness, strength, and coordination while also teaching self-defence and discipline.

Wushu: This Chinese martial art emphasizes speed, agility, and flexibility through various forms and techniques. It is great for improving overall fitness and coordination while also teaching discipline and respect.

We have compiled a list providing a starting point for researching martial arts classes in Singapore for your kids. Choose any of the classes below, depending upon your preferences, and get some zing to your lil’ champs’ kicks!


For Taekwondo classes, you can read our article : 10 Taekwondo classes in Singapore to train your kids in self-defence.

Martial art classes in Singapore for you to checkout

Evolve MMA

Muay Thai | Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Evolve MMA is one of the leading Muay Thai gyms in Singapore. Their philosophy for the Little Samurai Children’s Program is to help build life skills through the power of martial arts. 

They understand that it is critical for a child not to become a victim of bullying during their formative years, as scars of bullying can last a lifetime by destroying self-esteem and confidence. Their Little Samurai Children’s Program is a 360-degree approach to your child’s overall wellness. It is the only kids’ program for martial arts in Singapore designed by a Harvard University graduate.

Evolve MMA is where your search ends if you are looking for Muay Thai or Jiu Jitsu in Singapore for your child. 

Far East Square | Orchard Central | KINEX | Clarke Quay Central | Star Vista


FaMA Fitness & Martial Art

Muay Thai Kickboxing | Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

FaMA’s Kids’ Martial Arts sessions in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) or Muay Thai are specially curated for kids of various skill sets and ages. They are aligned with the philosophy that kids who participate in sports enjoy positive development in their self-esteem and confidence. 

Kids’ BJJ Programs include:

Little Warriors BJJ (Ages 4-5 years)- Have fun & stay safe while playing BJJ games like “Riding the Bull” and “Taking Down the Giant.” The goal is to sharpen balance and agility and build mental strength. 

Medium Monstros Program for 6-8 years olds, where you divulge into technicalities of the game with more sparring. 

The Junior Champions Program (Ages 9-12) imparts competitive insights and takes their preparation a notch up. 

While their Kids’ Muay Thai and Kickboxing  classes in Singapore include:

Little Tigers (Ages 4-7)- focuses on developing students’ coordination, response time, and motor skills. 

Junior Tigers (Ages 8-12) focuses on enhancing students’ existing abilities and refining techniques through low-impact partner drills. 

Prinsep Street, Singapore


Neue Fit

Muay Thai | Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

“Create a brand Neue You”- This high-end martial arts lifestyle studio offers recreational space that allows you to redefine yourself with a contemporary take on traditional Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Muay Thai in Singapore. Spanned across over 4,000 square feet, the institution offers some renowned Kids’ Training Programs in combat and cardio-based Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Muay Thai classes in Singapore. 

Kids aged 4-11 can enjoy the BJJ and Muay Thai classes that fine-tune techniques, build overall fitness, and instil discipline, respect and restraint in the little ones. 

Kallang Wave Mall, Singapore


Class UFC Gym 


Learn fundamental boxing techniques in this high-end, well-equipped facility. Their boxing classes in Singapore are an amalgam of traditional boxing methods and proven HIIT techniques for all levels that transform your attitude and body to their prime. Cardio callisthenics, shadow boxing, bag work, and basic self-defence are all included in the class. 

Class UFC Youth Programs assist in developing coordination, agility, speed, and strength and establish a solid foundation for physical and motivational skills. Participants evolve as social beings while being mentored by a renowned trained Youth Coach. This is a perfect approach to counteract the detrimental effects of screen time. 

E!HUB, Downtown East


Legends Fight Sport


Headed by coach Ridhwan – The chosen Wan (TCW), Legends Fight Sport is an all-inclusive boxing class in Singapore built on the shared love for the sweet science of boxing. With its stellar team of coaches, international-grade facility, and core student-centric values, The Chosen Wan (TCW) trademark institution believes in mastering the age-old art of boxing by perfecting every minute detail. 

The distinct learning objectives of Legends Kids Boxing Academy are ideal for kickstarting your little ones’ boxing journey and propagating the holistic growth of mind and body. Their grading procedures and assessments motivate children to study continuously and realise their goals. 

Clarke Quay | Tampines | Serangoon


Sino Wushu

Wushu | Taekwondo

Sino Wushu Sports School is a well-acknowledged name for Wushu in Singapore. Begin your Wushu and Taekwondo Journey at a sophisticated indoor gym of 3600 square feet, two stories, fully climate-controlled facility outfitted with cutting-edge equipment. Lessons for sports, fitness and martial arts are carefully curated and consistently improvised to cater to beginners, teens, and experienced students.

Jalan Pemimpin, Singapore


Xin Ying Wushu Training Centre

Wushu, Taiji

Tan Mui Buay, a former national athlete and international medalist, founded the Xin Ying Wushu Training Center in 1993, intending to foster both competition and traditional Wushu in Singapore. Master Tan is an 11th-generation lineage holder of Chen Style Taijiquan and 2nd generation lineage holder of Chen Style HunYuan Taijiquan. She is proud to call Grandmaster Feng Zhiqiang, Master Zhou Shusheng, and other illustrious professors her teachers.

The Training Centre offers a multi-step curriculum for kids ages 4 and up that guides beginners through methodical skill-building lessons and produces competition-level performance in both wushu and taiji. The complexity and mastery of the levels increase as they move ahead in their training stage. Players can specialise in either the Competition Wushu Elite Program, Competition Taijiquan Elite Program, or both once they have met the necessary standards.

Waterloo Street, Singapore


The Dojo


The Dojo – a well-known Judo club in Singapore, has faculty that is world-class champions in both Shi’ai (combat) and Kata (form). They work with children to unleash the power of physical and mental energy through martial arts. Their instructor is also the Head coach for Judo at Raffles Institution.

Their Judo classes in Singapore have 3 levels: 

 THEDOJOTODS (3-5 years old) – It helps your child improve posture and balance to handle increasingly challenging tackles, from movement exercises to basic break-fall skills. 

 THEDOJOKIDS for (6-12 years) and THEDOJOTEENS for (13-19 years) are devised to cultivate professional judo champs of tomorrow. 

Katong Shopping Centre, Singapore


SA Judo Academy


SA Judo Academy is a hallmark of quality judo training. The Academy has assembled a group of enthusiastic coaches with at least ten years of combined coaching and competition judo experience. Mr Tang Soon Onn, the gold medalist in the South East Asian Games, started Judo this classes in Singapore in 2003. Character, Fitness, and Self-protection are grounds for their Children’s classes. Classes are open to students ages 4 to 12 years old.

Newcomers are given special attention by an experienced trainer to learn basics, such as fundamental throws and Breakfalls. Every child will be provided sufficient practice before joining the ongoing class to ensure their safety. 

The courses can be tailored in private sessions to fit your unique health and athletic prowess goals. 

Harbourfront | Whampoa | Tampines | Balestier | AMK | Bukit Timah


Trifecta Martial Arts

Krav Maga | Taekwondo | Brazilian Jiu-jitsu

Trifecta Martial Arts in Singapore believes martial arts is a lifetime endeavour and a way of life. Their toddlers and kids training programs are divided according to ability and age, and the student-to-instructor ratio is minimal. 

The Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu program, POWERTOTS BJJ (ages 4 to 6), Introduces toddlers and young kids to the fundamentals of martial arts by incorporating Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and gymnastics in age-appropriate drills and games that will improve their motor and cognitive skills. The Powertots program also encourages children to work with their peers and coaches to develop mutual respect and other social skills.

KIDS BJJ (7 – 15 years) is a unique fusion of self-actualisation and skill enrichment. The primary objective of our BJJ program is to teach children how to protect themselves and develop a love for art. 

Likewise, the PowerTots Taekwondo Program (3-5 years) and T-Kids Taekwondo (6-12 years) and TEENKWONDO (13-16 yrs) are innovative and appropriately challenging Taekwondo classes in Singapore where kids train under vigilant, expert guidance. 

They also offer special classes like Krav Maga for kids (9-13 years). 

8 Claymore | HomeTeamNS Bedok| The Coats @ Sentosa Cove (Taekwondo) | Danspiration@ Telok Blangah (Taekwondo)

Ultimately, the best martial art for your child depends on their interests, goals, and personality. It is important to research and visit various schools and instructors to find the best fit for your child. 

Explore Klassbook for more Martial Art Classes

To explore various Martial Arts classes, go through our list of subjects here. Why not start with a Martial art trial class to gauge your child’s interest?

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