Creative writing classes that teach essential skills to Primary Schoolers

We have compiled a list of creative writing classes that teach essential skills to Primary Schoolers on how to write good compos and essays.

Creative writing class list

Creative writing is the art of using words to express imaginative and original ideas, stories, emotions, and concepts. It’s a form of self-expression that allows writers to share their unique thoughts, experiences, and interpretations of the world artistically and imaginatively.

While creative writing might initially appear challenging for primary schoolers to grasp, their vibrant imaginations create an opportune moment to introduce them to the art of storytelling and crafting narratives. By instilling a passion for creative writing in their formative years, you provide them with a lifelong skill and a means of self-expression that can bring joy and well-organized throughout their lives.

Enrolling kids in creative writing classes can effectively channel their imaginative ideas into well-organized storylines, aiding in the development of their ability to concentrate and refine the key elements that constitute an exceptional story.

Here are some of the creative writing classes for primary schoolers in Singapore you can look into

Write Edge

Write Edge was founded with a fervent dedication to nurturing the creative potential within each child by harnessing the power of language. Commencing its journey in 2014, Write Edge embarked with a singular focus on one dimension of language—creative writing for primary school. 

Their Primary Creative English Writing Class uses a two-fold strategy comprising skill-oriented and theme-centred lessons to equip students for the Composition Writing segment of the Primary School Leaving Examinations (PSLE). The class comprises the following lessons:

  • Creative Writing Skills & New Vocabulary
  • Composition Writing
  • Guided Writing Lessons
  • Independent Writing Lessons

A small class size of 6-8 students and consistent writing challenges for students as they progress provide them with the space and opportunity to develop their craft.

The Write Connection

The Writing Enrichment programme from The Write Connection focuses on helping kids from primary 1 to PSLE achieve exceptional results in English and writing with a 2-hour class for each lesson.

They follow a MOE-aligned curriculum and provide kids with the following learning opportunities:

  • Formative Lesson: To develop higher-order thinking skills and broaden general knowledge
  • Formative Assessment: To cultivate excellent habits of the mind
  • Summative Assessment: To build confidence in planning and cultivate good exam habits
  • Consolidation Lesson: To develop critical reading and thinking skills

Dive into their Writing Enrichment Programme and give your kids a platform to develop creative writing skills.

Lil but mighty

The name says it all, doesn’t it? Your kid might be little, but with the right training, they can build the might to take on creative writing challenges!

What sets the Lil but Mighty writing course in Singapore apart is that they follow a thematic approach to build kids’ interest by keeping the learning fun and relevant to the real world. Their Primary School English Tuition is a course for creative writing for primary school. It is divided into 4 different categories according to the child’s school level and is between 1.5 to 2 hours long per session.

A special mention goes to their English Creative Writing Workshop, and it is as creative as it can get! Follow the link, and you will know what we mean:

A Grader Learning Centre

The Creative Writing Curriculum at A Grader is presented using a unique”Cyclical Approach” across their 14 outlets islandwide. So far, they have catered to many students, with an astonishing improvement rate.

The Primary Creative Writing Tuition is structured for Primary 1 to Primary 6 students and aids them with the following:

  • Enhance students’ proficiency in the art of writing effectively.
  • Elevating students’ comprehensive understanding and mastery of language.
  • Instilling confidence through meticulous preparation for their school examinations.
  • Cultivating a lasting ardour and reverence for the English language and writing.
  • Inspiring students to surpass their own limits and achieve excellence in the subject.

If you’re on the hunt for a creative writing class for your little ones that can provide them with the guidance of well-experienced tutors, A Grader Learning Centre is the place to be.

Mind Stretcher

Discover a gem in the world of creative writing classes for kids in Singapore – Mind Stretcher. 

From Primary 1 to 6, Mind Stretcher’s courses foster a love for writing. Starting with the Budding Writer programme, they lay the foundation for clear and accurate expression. As students progress, The A* Writing Lab encourages creative experimentation, while The PSLE A* Writer programme equips them to engage readers and tackle various prompts confidently.

Mind Stretcher doesn’t just stop at writing classes. They offer a holistic education with technology-augmented options for online learning and a proprietary Student Progress Tracking system.

Give your child the gift of exceptional writing skills and a passion for learning with Mind Stretcher.

Julia Gabriel Centre

Step into the enchanting realm of the Julia Gabriel Centre, where children aged 18 months to 12 years embark on a captivating journey towards mastering reading and writing skills.

For the younger ones, the Preschool Readers & Writers programme paves the way for essential foundational skills. Through immersive experiential learning and structured literacy development, young learners are poised to seamlessly transition into the world of primary education.

As children progress, The Primary-years Readers & Writers programme nurtures a genuine passion for reading and writing. It equips them with creative writing lesson ideas necessary for analytical reading and purposeful writing, fostering abilities that will prove invaluable in their ongoing journey.

Unlock your child’s potential, as each step taken within the centre’s nurturing environment propels them closer to a future illuminated by literary achievements.

Mind Champs

Crafted to align seamlessly with the MOE curriculum, The MindChamps Writing Toolbox program aids your child in comprehending the art of writing along with its imaginative dimensions. 

The program for students from Kindergarten 2 to Primary 6 and each level of the writing programme focuses on different areas of writing, all of which are covered in the primary school English syllabus. From syntax construction and language enhancement tools to story building and higher-order thinking tools, this programme can develop a little William Shakespeare in your own house!

Writers Studio

Writers Studio offers an innovative creative writing program, STELLAR Integrated Creative Writing, which goes beyond traditional teaching methods.

Rooted in a successful inception in 2010, STELLAR has evolved into a distinct and original program. The collaborative efforts of parents, students, and the curriculum team have shaped its unique approach, resulting in remarkable PSLE results.

From lower to upper primary levels, Writers Studio cultivates English fundamentals, critical thinking, and exam techniques to foster creative writing lesson ideas in kids. The journey spans Creative Writing, Paper 2, and mastery of Oral and listening segments. Experience the evolution of writing education with STELLAR – where creativity meets results.

Writers @ Work

Embark on a journey of success with Writers @ Work, a trailblazing institute since 2012. Since launching in 2012, they have established a strong track record of success, helping students unlock their full potential. In schools, students have achieved full marks in their English compositions.

Why study with Writers @ Work English programmes?

With a strong command of the language, W@W students have a way with words on paper and in oral presentations. Being outstanding storytellers and writers, W@W students demonstrated brilliant creativity in writing unique conflicts and resolutions in their compositions and essays.

Besides achieving exceptional results in schools and national exams, A number of their students have even shined on the international stage by winning The Queen’s Commonwealth Writing Competition and The University of New South Wales Global International Competitions and Assessments for Schools (ICAS).


Introducing Tutopiya – your gateway to excellence in IGCSE and IB education.

Expert IGCSE English Tutors are committed to guiding you through an enriching learning journey for superior grades. From a wide spectrum of IGCSE subjects to IB English Curriculum Specialist Tutors, Tutopiya’s online tuition covers Primary, Secondary, JC, and IGCSE levels.

Diverse assessment methods – written, oral, coursework, and practical – offer students ample chances to showcase their knowledge.

Why Tutopiya? With extensive experience across curriculums, they provide cutting-edge materials for each student’s success. An exclusive platform fosters powerful live 1-on-1 sessions, promoting interactive learning. 

Choose Tutopiya for a transformative educational journey – where expertise meets excellence.

In your quest to discover the perfect fit for your child’s educational journey, these creative writing classes for kids stand out as beacons of learning and growth. From igniting creative sparks to nurturing strong language foundations, each one offers a unique path to unlocking your child’s potential.

No matter which writing course in Singapore you choose, there are ample creative writing lesson ideas available.

So, embark on this exciting journey alongside your little one – exploring, learning, and embracing the wonders of education with creative writing for primary school. The learning adventure awaits – let’s dive in, hand in hand, and watch your child’s brilliance shine through!

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