10 Art Classes in Singapore to Bring Out the Picasso in Your Child

Here are 10 art classes in Singapore that encourage your child’s creative talents. Some also build DSA portfolios and help in making art as a career

Art classes Singapore

Kids love art! Art classes in Singapore are thriving as they not only provide training in art but also develop innovative thinking and visualisation skills. A few art classes also prepare students for the art DSA.

If science is a means of evolution, then art breeds culture. From the moment a child makes their first colourful splash to the moment they paint their first stroke, it’s an enriching experience.

An experience that only builds on and helps them foster life skills like motor skills, problem-solving and critical thinking abilities. It has moved beyond the scope of a mere hobby. These days, Art classes in Singapore also offer a great venue and opportunity for parent-children bonding. 

So, whether your child wants to create abstract art like Picasso, draw a realistic portrait, or put playful hand prints on a canvas, here is our list of art classes in Singapore you can look into.

10 art classes in Singapore to consider for your budding artist

Art Village

Looking for Canvas painting in Singapore or a drawing class in Singapore?

Consider your little one in safe hands at this art studio! Established in 2014, this independent art gallery and studio offers courses for kids as little as three years. They stand true to their motto – “Find your Talent. Build Your Passion”. They offer 5 different types of studio programs. Their exciting new program- CREATOTS, is specially catered to toddlers of 2.5-3 years.

They also specialise in Portfolio Preparatory Course, specially designed to support students who desire to apply to secondary school via Art Singapore DSA.

Locations: Bukit Timah Plaza, West Coast Plaza, and Katong V



HiArt is one of the well-known institutions for art classes in Singapore. With more than a decade of experience creating artists for tomorrow, their staff is committed to developing the artistic potential of kids as young as 2.5 years and above. 

When educating the skills of art, they adhere to the saying “joy comes first, and skills will follow soon,” which shows in their playful yet immersive and informative art lessons.

We recommend HiArt as a name you can rely upon for all your tiny tot’s artistic needs. Once enrolled, your kids don’t have to look back as the art school offers to learn fundamentals going all the way to Portfolio preparatory classes for Singapore DSA.

Classes are available at 8 different locations across Singapore!


Tree Art

The Tree Art brand was founded in 2015 with the concept of “from education to happiness” as the brand concept and has become one of the most professional art education brands in Singapore. It is one of the most prominent art classes in Singapore and welcomes art enthusiasts of all ages and levels. While professional art classes start from 8 years, they have creative recreational programs for all ages. 

With Tree Art’s Online art Classes in Singapore, you can let your kids dwell in the magic of colours from the comfort of their homes. And if you want to spend quality time with your kiddo, go for the Family Art Workshop. This engaging parent-child art session provides hands-on activities to spark kids’ innate curiosity and expand their creativity.

Classes are available at 12 different locations across Singapore and Online.



Abra ka Dabra! *A mesmerising piece of art appears*

We know how kids would wish for that to be real. Don’t worry. Abrakadoodle will do the trick in the real world. It is one of the few art schools with art classes in Singapore for toddlers as young as 20 months old.

Following a ladder of classes based on age, you can get your kids to sign up for the Twoosy Doodlers class (20 months to 3 years old), followed by Mini Doodlers (3 years to 5 years) to reach then Doodlers classes (for 6 to 12 years old). This school is also a major supporter of art safety; all its lessons utilise Crayola art supplies, which are non-toxic and certified.

Locations: Jurong, River Valley, Punggol, Marine Parade, Tampines, and Orchard.


Little Artists Art Studio

This art studio was started in 1997 by Shalini Kapoor, a professional educator with over 20 years of experience. Classes here commence for kids as young as 2.5 years. Their holiday art programs are the best choice for parents in the East who want to provide their kids with a creative and educational holiday experience.

Little Artists Art Studio has created the most incredible summer camps and art programs for kids in Singapore. Having years of expertise teaching art, the staff uses a simple, enjoyable method when instructing young students.

A special and well-deserved mention of their Art lessons for Special needs in Singapore, which helps children with mild special needs develop motor skills, concentration and creative abilities. 

Locations in the East – at Mandarin Gardens and Siglap Centre.



Art Zone is a Singapore-based art school that offers a wide range of art classes and workshops for children and adults. It has a team of experienced and qualified art teachers who are passionate about teaching and inspiring creativity.

Art Zone offers a variety of art classes, including drawing and painting classes, mixed media art classes, cartoon and comic art classes, and even art classes for toddlers. The school also offers holiday workshops and art camps, where students can immerse themselves in art and creativity for an extended period of time.

Art Zone’s classes are designed to cater to students of all skill levels, from beginners to advanced artists. The school strongly focuses on building a solid foundation in art techniques and skills while encouraging students to develop their own unique style and creativity.

In addition to its regular classes and workshops, Art Zone also hosts art exhibitions and events, providing students with the opportunity to showcase their work and connect with the wider art community in Singapore.

Overall, Art Zone is a great place for anyone who wants to learn and explore the world of art in Singapore.

Locations: Bukit Timah, Bukit Batok, Katong V and UE Shopping mall.


Legend Art

Skilful strokes might make a masterpiece, but it takes a deeply driven imagination and inspired creativity to make an art legendary. The working philosophy of Legend Art School revolves around the same idea. As they say- “there is no wrong way to make art” We scoured for all the reasons your kid shouldn’t attend an art school where they learn to turn their bizarre mistakes into iconic artworks- we couldn’t find one.

The programs are well-balanced, with structured lessons and hands-on projects in a creatively engaging environment. Their Young learner programs enrol students from 4-6 years of age. 

Located at Marine Parade Central.



Artgrain values children’s ideas and opinions since they think an arts education is crucial for living a fulfilled life. They encourage their pupils to take risks and develop their creative potential to foster art appreciation. 

There is something for everyone, including clay and sketching lessons, fundamental and developmental art programs, creative classes, and more. You may even enroll in adult painting classes to embrace the arts in your life! 

It’s no surprise that Artgrain offers some of the top art classes in Singapore. Their holistic Seedling Art programs (2.5 to 4 years) and Headstart Art Programs (5-6 years) focus on life skill development while gradually instilling the passion for making art. Each student has many possibilities and individual attention to develop as an artist in small settings. 

Locations: Bukit Timah, Thomson, Parkway, and Tampines.


The Art People

We are presenting you with the winner of SME Singapore 2022! That’s a prestigious introduction, isn’t it? Established in 2011 with a mission to help kids achieve artistic excellence through the analytical method, this art school has grown itself to 9 different locations across Singapore.

You can enrol your kids (as young as 3 years) into three of their different programs:

Toddler Learn ‘n’ Draw During the art classes (for 3 to 4 years old), little ones develop their motor skills, gripping pencil technique, finger strength, and eye-hand coordination through simple teacher-assisted exercises.

K.I.S Art Program Here, KIS stands for Keep It Simple, and this program does that exactly. It focuses on teaching the fundamentals of drawing, from colour blending to 3D shape drawing to simple sketching. It is divided into three levels for kids from 5 to 15 years of age. One can easily say this is one of the best drawing classes in Singapore.

KIS Sketch Designed for 7-year-olds and above, this program teaches kids the basics and foundation skills of sketching to advance pencil control.

Classes are available at 9 locations across Singapore


Impressions Art Studio

Imagine an open, airy space for your kid to paint and let his imagination flow. That is precisely what Impressions Art Studio offers, with great DIY and art classes in Singapore. They offer two classes for kids – to create crafts and learn how to draw. They offer toddler-friendly classes, Little Creative Makers and one of the best Drawing classes in Singapore and canvas painting in Singapore for ages 6 years and above. 

Not to forget their country-renowned holiday camps! This art studio offers 13 weeks of intriguing and incredible experiences for kids to relax, learn, and have fun.

Holiday camps are now available at 3 locations: Horsecity (Sixth Avenue), Waka Waka (Furama Riverfront Hotel), and East Coast (Opposite I12).

Regular classes are available at Horsecity and Furama Riverfront Hotel


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