Revised School Fees for Non-Citizens in Government and Government-Aided Schools for 2024 to 2026

Published Date: 18 October 2023 10:00 AM

The Ministry of Education (MOE) will be increasing school fees for Singapore permanent residents (PR) and international students (IS) in Government and Government-Aided schools over the next three years (i.e. 2024 – 2026). This is part of MOE’s regular review of school fees. The release of planned fee increases for non-citizens will enable parents to plan the financing of their children’s studies in MOE schools.

2. For the next three years, the monthly school fees will increase by $25 to $60 for PR students, and $25 to $140 for IS each year. The revised fees will take effect from January each year. Please refer to the tables below for the revised school fees for PR and IS from 2024 to 2026.

Primary School Fees (Per Month)

Nationality2023 (Current)202420252026
IS (ASEAN)520545570595
IS (Non-ASEAN)8859359851,035

Secondary School Fees (Per Month)

Nationality2023 (Current)202420252026
IS (ASEAN)9109701,0301,090
IS (Non-ASEAN)1,7701,9102,0502,190

Pre-University School Fees (Per Month)

Nationality2023 (Current)202420252026
IS (ASEAN)1,1101,1701,2301,290
IS (Non-ASEAN)2,1202,2602,4002,540

3. School fees for Singapore Citizen (SC) students in Government and Government-Aided schools will remain the same. SC students do not need to pay monthly school fees for Primary School, and pay monthly school fees of $5 and $6 for Secondary School and Pre-University respectively.

4. As announced in July 2023, MOE will merge the standard and second-tier miscellaneous fee into a single tier from 2024.1 The same miscellaneous fee applies to students of all nationalities (see table below).

Miscellaneous Fee for All Nationalities (Per Month)

Education LevelCurrent Standard Miscellaneous FeeCurrent Maximum Second-Tier Miscellaneous FeeNew Single-Tier Miscellaneous Fee
(from 1 Jan 2024)$$$

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