Nature Play for Preschoolers and Primary Schoolers in Singapore

Take your preschoolers and primary schoolers in Singapore to these nature play venues to develop creativity and focus.

Nature Play venues in Singapore

Learning is a lifelong adventure for all of us. Since infants, we explore the world around us using our senses, like touching, seeing, and hearing. Parents use sensory toys to ignite curiosity in toddlers and, as they get older, progress to real-world learning for preschoolers.

Learning through nature play encourages young learners to connect with the environment. They also learn to ask questions and discover solutions by themselves.

However, with the increased usage of gadgets, learning has also evolved digitally. The time spent outdoors reduces significantly, leading to numerous problems in children. 

Without these external stimuli from the environment to stimulate learning, the child might grow up lacking various social skills such as leadership and teamwork.

As more parents acknowledge the drawbacks, they are more open to having their preschoolers explore the wilderness. Think nature trails, the Rail Corridor Hike, or bird spotting at Sungei Buloh. 

So, why is it crucial for parents to incorporate nature-based learning for preschoolers? After all, learning in the classroom also means lesser chances of being bitten by a mosquito.

Nature play vs classroom-based learning

For preschoolers learning through nature play is like opening a treasure chest of endless possibilities. It’s a world of creativity, discovery, and STEAM education, where kids hypothesize, experiment, and find solutions.

Nature has much to offer, including enhancing sensory play for growing kids. As the name suggests, preschoolers use natural materials, and nature walks to learn through their five senses.

Preschoolers’ well-being improves when they learn through nature play. One study found that students learning in a forest setting once a week “showed healthier diurnal rhythms in cortisol in that setting than a comparison group that learned indoors.”

Even in a bustling city like Singapore, we have some nature hideouts waiting to be explored. Nature play venues in Singapore, like Nature Playgarden at Hort Park and Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden in the Singapore Botanic Gardens, offer fantastic play experiences.

Another advantage to learning through nature for preschoolers is that it’s not as structured as traditional classroom learning. Real-world learning for preschoolers is all about practical activities and requires everyone’s participation.

Of course, there are some challenges to learning outside the classroom. Distractions from the environment can make it a little tricky to focus, and safety is always a concern since lessons aren’t held in a closed room.

But like any other form of teaching, finding a balance between learning indoors and outdoors is vital. Indoor learning teaches focus and discipline, while outdoor learning sparks curiosity and encourages kids to ask questions.

Things preschoolers and primary schoolers learn through nature play.

Outdoor learning incorporates sensory play for growing kids, igniting their senses. Just like sensory toys boost motor skills, being outside brings a whole new level of fun learning for preschoolers.

Nature is known for its calming effect on the mind, creating a secure learning space for kids and adults. Outdoor play enhances balance, coordination and agility in children. Gazing at the greenery helps combat childhood myopia compared to excessive screen time.

Outdoor settings provide the challenge and space for kids to move, run, and play around. This helps maintain their Body Mass Index and prevents obesity. Nature play also ensures ample Vitamin D from sunlight, building strong bones and teeth. With a healthier body, there is a lower risk of asthma, diabetes, and sleep problems.

Primary schools encourage outdoor learning through Eco Gardens, where students explore plants, flowers, and fruits with their senses and delve into life cycles and ecosystems.

Preschools also contribute by connecting little ones with nature. Learning through nature for preschoolers can cultivate inquisitive habits and problem-solving skills – a valuable asset for future success.

Nature play classes encompass various activities like observation, hands-on experiments, and sensory exploration. Conducted in groups, these sessions nurture teamwork skills harmoniously.

Real-world learning for preschoolers sharpens focus and stress management. As kids question and uncover the world around them, their curiosity blooms, boosting vocabulary and language skills through identifying plants and animals.

So, where can you find these nature play venues in Singapore?


Playgrounds, gardens, and nature reserves are wonderful learning environments. Have your child lead you on familiar hiking routes, fostering leadership skills in him.

Nature reserves come with information about unique trees and wildlife animals along the trail, so look out for these signs and get to know Mother Nature better!

And if you’re up for some community action, there are events organized by agencies perfect for exploring nature. Picture this – fresh air, relaxed minds, and heaps of family fun.

Nature play activities and venues

Nature play coney island

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An ecologically sustainable park that is home to a wide variety of habitats. Some of them include coastal forests, grasslands, mangroves, and casuarina woodlands. You can explore the park on foot or cycling with family and friends. There are also guided walks by NParks volunteers on selected Saturday mornings.

COMO Adventure Grove


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A family-friendly section that is set within nature, COMO Adventure Grove can be found at the Singapore Botanics Garden, Gallop Extension. With elements drawn from inspirations of the natural habitats, children get to swing, slide, and climb all day! For thrill-seekers, there are two long tubes – 2.1m and 4m – for children to speed down. This playground is suitable for all ages as there are different sections for each age group.

Forest Schools in Singapore

Preschoolers Nature Play Klassbook

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 Many Forest Schools Singapore offers weekly sessions and holiday programs for kids aged 4 to 12. These schools believe in allowing young learners to engage in self-directed play during their weekly sessions. All programs are crafted to help children connect with nature and develop a sense of responsible learning.

Nature play venues in Singapore are the ultimate playgrounds for preschoolers and primary schoolers. They promote freedom to learn and sensory play for growing kids. The little explorers will have a blast letting their curious minds run wild. They will be motivated to think, question, and discover answers independently which is a big deal for their growth. 

Now that you’re all on board bringing nature play into your little one’s world, it’s time to grab your sneakers and some bug repellent – a new adventure awaits!

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