Popular IB tuition centres in Singapore that provide tutoring for IB, IGCSE and other international curricula.

We have compiled a list of 10 Education centres that provide tutoring for IB, IGCSE and other international curricula from which you can choose the best fit for your child based on subject, location, teaching philosophy and teaching experience.

IB tuitions in Singapore

Every Parent wants their kids to succeed in life, and school is no exception. Some students are quick learners and pick up material easily in class, whereas other students need additional academic support.

Schooling in Singapore can be demanding and rigorous. With Singapore being one of the top-performing countries in education, it is no wonder that the environment is getting increasingly competitive. 

If classroom instruction just isn’t cutting it for your child or you or their teachers think they would benefit from some additional tutoring, and if you are looking for professional, dedicated, committed, and sincere teachers, you are at the right place.

We have compiled a list of 10 Education centers that provide tutoring for IB, IGCSE and other international curricula from which you can choose the best fit for your child based on subject, location, teaching philosophy and teaching experience.

A sneak peek at IB tuition centres in Singapore

Math Vision

Curriculum: IB, IGCSE and other International curriculum

Subjects: Maths (Additional Maths, Further Maths), Physics, Chemistry, Biology, ESS, Economics, Business Enterprise, Computer Science and ICT.

What started in 2007 with a teacher and his zealous bunch of students is now a prestigious name in maths education and a family of thousands of students. You can either love maths and science or hate it, but at Maths Vision, you can understand the most complex-looking concepts in an incredibly fun manner.

With a strict attendance policy of at least 3 sessions (6 hours) per month and a regular attendance requirement, Math Vision ensures all its students stay on top of their curriculum and don’t overwhelm themselves around exams.

They also provide short programmes like MV Express and MV Solver, which enable students to get a topic or specific problem-related help. So, you might not need a lot of conviction to get your little mathematician on board!

To keep things interesting, the new Math Vision campus supports Assessment Centres, Study Areas, Mental Maths Room, Science Lab, and Seminar Rooms.


Location: Tekka Place

Student’s Inn

Curriculum: IB and IGCSE

Subjects: All Subjects.

Student’s Inn is a renowned tuition facility that offers instruction in all academic areas. They tailor teach to meet the specific needs of IB/IGCSE students and other international curricula students.

Their teaching philosophy is that, if taught properly, students can succeed in whatever subject they choose. In order to get the most out of the IB curriculum, they help each student develop their natural talents and build on them.

Their instructional approach is founded on a special “triple M” system, which stands for: Motivate, Mentor, and Monitor.

They also offer career counselling, interview and personal statement preparation, university entrance test preparation, and other services along similar lines. Their programmes are expertly drafted to improve applicants’ chances of getting into universities.

You can also apply for their online classes for IB and IGCSE tuition in Singapore from the comfort of your home.  Student’s Inn also offers CIE O-Level and A-Level preparation courses for private exam candidates.

Location:  Orchard Road, Far East Shopping Center


IB super

Curriculum: IB and IGCSE

Subjects: IGCSE – Additional Math, Extended Math and Core Math.

IB: Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Economics, Mathematics Analysis and Approaches, and Applications and Interpretations.

Led by reputed masters like Bel Hwang and Mr Ng, this IB tuition centre in Singapore,follows the 4P’s teaching philosophy- Prior knowledge (activating past learnings), Present (consistently mastering fresh concepts), Practise (practise custom-curated worksheets), and Personalised education.

IB Super’s tutoring program covers everything from IB math tuition to tutoring for the JC or IGCSE. Their diverse methodology covers all of your academic needs, whether you want to take a class in a small group, believe you learn better one-on-one or are looking to take the route of online tutoring.

IB alums design their IB curriculum to help your kids excel in the IB diploma and make them uni-ready. They incorporate an evidence-based approach backed by 20 years of teaching expertise, cognitive theory, and research.

A skills application question pack of strategically collected IGSCE questions helps them excel in their IGSCE Cambridge examinations.

Location: 190 Clemenceau Avenue, Singapore Shopping Centre #05-33, Singapore 239924


IB Lounge

Curriculum: IB

Subjects: Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Economics, Math, English, Chinese, Geography, History, Business Management.

IB Lounge –  a well-known name among IB tuition in Singapore – was established with the objective of teaching by inspiring young minds, for they believe tutors have a significant influence over developing minds. The idea was to build something “relatable”, “personalised”, and “dedicated”.

Even though the learning aptitude might vary, each student flares the best in any subject when inspired to learn and perform.

The academy supports a unique concept of including young tutors who are also IBDP alumni in their faculty panel. Since young teachers are more energetic and closer to understanding students’ struggles, they are highly likely to walk them through the hurdles.

Along with the entire IB curriculum, they also offer TOK lessons and University guidance. Their Reach program focuses on guiding passionate students for MYP and O levels.

Location: 20 Kramat Lane, United House #02-07 Singapore


Toppers Education Centre

Curriculum:  IB, IGCSE, ‘A’-Level (UK), CBSE, ICSE and ISC

Subjects: Biology, Physics, Chemistry, English, Math.

Topper Education Center, an IB tuition centre in Singapore that is accredited by the MOE (Ministry of Education), was established in 2010. They have been licensed as a private school to provide tutoring services for kids enrolled in international schools in Singapore. What began as a tiny family of ten students has expanded into a vast family of more than 2000. They offer 24*7 support like no one else and access to an extensive library of resources.

Their cohort of teachers have a breadth of experience across different schooling systems and a depth of experience within their individual subjects of expertise. They’ve been individually handpicked based on their merits and capabilities, and like the students, they are also on continuous programs and pathways to develop their skillset further.

They cater to students from the IB Diploma, ICSE & ISC, CBSE, and IGCSE in almost all subjects. They also offer to coach for highly competitive exams like JEE mains exams and prepare students for top global universities. They are open to working long and irregular hours to maintain their commitment to the pupils.

Location: Rochor, Jurong, Kovan



Curriculum: IB and IGCSE

Subjects: IGCSE – Additional Math, International Math, Extended Math and Core Math, Science Combined, Co-ordinated Science, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, English, French, Economics, Business Studies.

IB: Math AA, Math AI, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Economics, Math, English Literature, English B, French, Economics, Business Management, History.

Mindlab has successfully established itself as a distinguished learning centre for IB tuition in Singapore over the last decade. Their Pre IBDP tuition specialisation is extended to programs like Cambridge IGCSE CIE/Edexcel, IP (Integrated Programme), IB MYP, and IB PYP.

Their evolution as a result-driven tuition platform has been something that has attracted hundreds of parents and students. Their unique IGCSE exam preparation course is exclusively designed for private candidates, homeschoolers, and exam retakers. Secure your spot in leading international schools in Singapore with their Entrance Exam Preparation program.

Still apprehensive? Check out their online demo class on their website.

Mindlab has a diverse range of tutors from different backgrounds related to their fields of expertise. The tutors are IBO Certified in the subject that they specialise in. Each of them are valued not only because they are knowledgeable and talented but also because they are passionate about teaching and genuinely care for their students.

Headquartered in Singapore, they have gradually expanded their scope of service internationally via online classes.

Location: 545 Orchard Road, Far East Shopping Centre



Curriculum: IB and IGCSE

Subjects: IGCSE – Biology, Business, Chemistry, Chinese, Economics, Geography, History, Literature, Mathematics, Physics

IB: Biology, Business, Chemistry, Chinese, Economics, ESS, Geography, History, Langlit, Mathematics, Physics.

The institute aims to live up to the literal meaning of its name Quintessential, “the most perfect example of a quality or class,” by aiding students in achieving excellence both in school and life through professional mentoring and lifelong guidance. They currently work with an expansive team of over 100 Oxbridge and Ivy League graduates.

The academy follows the E3 teaching model (Exposure, Elaborate, Execute), educating students through exam exposure, content mastery, and targeted practices to provide them with every advantage possible.

Their previously attained result of a mean score of 43.1, which exceeds the national average, speaks for the quality of education offered at the institution.

They offer Pre IB/ IGCSE, IB Internal Assessment, Extended Essay, and A-Level Tuition and

QE’s flagship crash courses offer a series of intensive programmes designed for targeted objectives. From holiday programmes, intensive exam preparations, and head start courses to IA & EE support, their classes define industry standards and help students to consistently do well in major exams.

Many students have also excelled with their hallmark university admissions programme and secured offers from competitive universities.

Location: Far East Shopping Centre


Prep zone

Curriculum: IB and IGCSE

Subjects: IGCSE – English Language, English Literature, Mathematics / Cambridge International Mathematics, Additional Mathematics, Business Studies, Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Economics, Computer Science.

IB: Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Economics, Computer Science, Math, English, Geography, History, Psychology, Business Management, TOK.

Prep Zone Academy has long been Singapore’s most prominent, lauded, innovative test preparation centre since its foundation in 2006. Every year, several students in Singapore use their patented teaching system, which is based on unlimited lessons and small group sizes, to excel on standardised tests. Their courses are also available via Skype classes.

With a team of experienced tutors and consultants, Prep Zone Academy’s individual training program is here to help IB students improve their confidence and performance, regardless of their current level

Apart from preparation classes in IB, AP, IGCSE, SSAT, and PSAT, they offer A-Levels Math Masterclass (H1/H2) and Math Olympiad Enrichment Classes. The one-on-one Olympiad Enrichment programs are for kids aged 8 years and above with an option of a customisable schedule.

Their personalised and flexible IGCSE individual course is perfect for holistic development in the IGCSE curricula. If in doubt, you can go for their trial class option before deciding.

Be it college admissions in the US, UK/Ireland/Singapore Med, UK general, UK Law, and interview prep/MMI, they have experienced professionals at every step to guide you through your journey.

Location: 15 Scotts Road, #07-05 Singapore



Curriculum: IB, IGCSE, GCSE.

Subjects: Math, Additional Math, English, English Literature, Science, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Economics, Business Studies, French, Spanish, Chinese, Computer Science, Geography, History, TOK

Tuotpiya opened its gates in 2018 with a vision to provide customized, accessible, affordable, high-quality live online tutoring. Nuha Ghouse, the founder of this education platform, has intense experience in teaching students from many of the leading international schools in Singapore.

Apart from the IGCSE, IB, and GCSE Tuition, they also offer PSLE, SAT, GCE O-Level, and GCE A-Level Tuition.

IGCSE tutors at Tutopiya hold degrees from prestigious universities and have years of expertise instructing students in all Cambridge/IGCSE subjects, including biology and economics.

They currently hold classes for students across more than 25 countries. Their IB curricula are tailor-made per three programs, IB DP, IB MYP (Middle Years Program), and IB PYP (Primary Years Program for 3-12 years).

Is your child in need of a revision before the final IGCSE Examination? Go for the academy’s IGCSE Revision Class 2023, a three-month program offering past paper coverage, exam tips, and techniques to attain the best results.

Location: online


Linguabridge Language Centre

Curriculum: IB, IGCSE, GCSE.

Subjects: Chinese

Since 1999, Linguabridge Language Centre has been a leader and pioneer in preparing students for their  IGCSE, GCSE, and IB exam preparation for the Chinese language. They have been aiding students in developing language skills and excelling academically.

Students from prestigious local schools, such as RI, RGS, HCI, NYGH, MGS, and ACS, and overseas schools like UWCSEA, SJII, Tanglin Trust, Dulwich College, and the French School, have been receiving education from the centre.

They use effective teaching techniques in a healthy environment that piques interest and enhances self-assurance. They conduct lessons in small to medium class sizes to ensure closer attention.

Location: Bukit Timah Road, #02-17 Balmoral Plaza


IB or International Baccalaureate programme requires specialized methods of teaching various subjects, and the above list of IB centres in Singapore gear up students to achieve the best score in IB exams.


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