10 coding classes and robotic training in Singapore for your little genius

Looking for coding classes and robotic training to teach programming, game design, computation to your kids? Checkout 10 Coding classes in Singapore.

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Coding is the new literacy. Coding classes and robotics training are instrumental in developing digital intelligence and computational thinking skills. Even if your kid is not planning a career as a computer scientist or IT professional, a good overall understanding of how things work will provide a solid foundation to lean on at school and in the workplace for life.

Steve Jobs once stated, “Everyone in this country should learn how to program because it teaches you how to think”. Learning to Code is important for kids as it introduces them to logical concepts, develops their digital knowledge, and develops self-directed learning, which impacts a child’s life in the long term.

Wondering what is the best way to provide your child with the most engaging and structured Coding, Robotics and STEAM programme? Here is our curated list of coding classes in Singapore to help you find a program that suits your child’s needs.

10 coding classes and robotic centres that offer a headstart


A.I. or VR, Robotics, Coding, STEAM and competitive programming

Ripplecreate is a renowned name offering Robotics and Coding classes in Singapore. In their collaboration with over 300 schools in Singapore (local, international, and preschools), they have propagated their vision of building a digitally advanced future by equipping the upcoming generation with the necessary coding skills and STEM aptitude. They meticulously scaffold age-appropriate learning objectives with a modular, subject-based curriculum enriched with exciting, industry-relevant, and real-life projects.

The Ripple Tech Program is a holistic weekly class program that starts from a Basic level (7-8 years old) and goes until the Advanced level (11 years old and up). 

Students are encouraged to build their portfolios and track their progress. They have the opportunity to taste the cut-throat competitive spirit in tech at RippleUX, a robotics and national coding competition co-organised by Ripplecreate, UAVionicsSociety of Nanyang Technological University and Nanyang Polytechnic. Holiday Camps, Customised classes, and special programs like Post PSLE The Accelerator are among their offered educational formats. 

Location: Crane at Robertson Quay



LCCL Coding Academy


The LCCL Coding Academy was built on values like empowerment, creativity, quality, compassion, responsibility, and fun. The action plan was pretty straightforward, and the goal was clear- inspire computational thinking through enriching and stimulating learning experiences that are directed to make a difference in the community. Highly experienced computer scientists came together to make it happen! 

As a long-standing premier coding class in Singapore, they have mastered the art of keeping kids and teens (5-18 years old) hooked on computation education. 

Their Core Curriculum Weekly classes are perfectly drafted to cover everything from a beginner’s level to emerging as an advanced coder. Early Creators program – a 1 hour each class enrols 5-7 years olds, where kids will learn core values and skillset through coding, while Kid Coders is for 8-11-year-olds, where they teach programming languages, coding and robotics for kids.

Enjoy the Sibling Promo code on their Holiday Programs, 10% off on 2nd sibling, 15% off 3rd sibling, and more. 

Still, confused about where and when to start? Book a free consultation and speak with the experts directly. 

Location: Forum Office Tower, Orchard Road, Singapore



The Logic Coders

Coding, Python

Why complicate coding and computational education with heavy terms and algorithms when eventually, everything boils down to LOGIC! The Logic Coders believe coding is no more a recreational pursuit. It’s a new-age necessity. And that makes the foundation of their teaching philosophy. They work on building strong cognitive skills by developing spatial thinking, logical reasoning, and reinforcing theoretical concepts. 

Their Creative Coders program (4-5 year old) introduces pre-schoolers to basic coding concepts via Scratch in a 1 hour/week class. 

The Junior Coders Series (6-7-year-olds) and Core Coding Logic Program (8-12 year-olds) leverage the best of Lego EV3 Robotics and, eventually, Python to hone coding skills in a conducive environment. 

The DSA Prep is a special program for ages 11-12 open to a customised schedule that prepares your child for P6 DSA applications. 

If your child is interested in joining coding classes in Singapore, Book a free trial today and see the LOGIC difference for yourself!

Locations: City Square Mall (Kitchener Road) and Parkway Centre



Saturday kids

Coding, Robotics

Weekly classes with Saturday Kids have inspired curious kids between the ages of 5 and 14 and prepared them for a tech-centric world. The learning ladder begins with the Tots & Tech Program, specially designed for 5-6-year-olds to develop an understanding of tech! 

If you have a kid (7-8 years old), there’s the Young Inventors Program to ignite their creativity and develop expertise in basic coding and block-based programming while having a great time!

The Master Innovators, Tech Changemakers, and Future Ready Programmes are for ages 9-10, 11-12, and 13-14, respectively. Each program aims to build different tech skills via programming and coding and increase the difficulty level from former to latter.

Intriguing holiday camps or dedicated weekly classes, their coding classes in Singapore have it all. 

The academy was established in 2012 and has built a family of over 9,500 very happy students. They are doing their bit to build an inclusive society by offering free technical literacy for underprivileged kids in collaboration with NGOs and corporates. It might sound unconventional, but Saturday Kids has taken technical education beyond computers and out in the playground so that the kids can develop better systems thinking skills, learn how natural ecosystem functions and apply these lessons to the tech industry to create new inventions.

Locations: Bukit Timah Plaza, Orchard Central, Agora Colearning



The Imaginarium

Robotics, Coding and 3D Design

Imaginarium is an integrated tech enrichment centre that gives kids between the ages of 5 and 14 the tools they need to excel outside of the classroom. It offers Robotics for kids, coding, and 3D design classes that encourage our kids to learn via play and cultivate critical life skills now and in the future. Imaginarium was developed with the support of the Busy Bees Asia team, a prominent preschool organisation with over 50 preschools. 

Their Robotics classes in Singapore include the introductory program, Foundational Robotics with Dash (5-6 years old), and move on to progressively advanced programs for 7-9 years old and 10-14 years old. 

They are also well known for beginner-level coding classes in Singapore called Functional Coding with Tynker (5-6 years old) are further succeeded by more intricate programs like Animator/Screenplay Coding and Animation Design with Scratch. 

Location: 1 Maritime Square, Harbourfront Centre.



The Kodecoon

Coding, Python

Kodecoon believes in harnessing top-tier coding knowledge to bring out the best possible creativity in every child. If your belief is firm enough, there is no such thing as an impossible idea, provided you have an able guide with you. Kodecoon has meticulously devised a foolproof enrolment system so every child gets a customised coding education. The students undergo a series of assessments before being matched with an appropriate program from their wide range of coding classes in Singapore. 

The Weekly classes (for ages 4 and above) entail the child’s coding journey from Scratch to App and Web coder and, finally, training as a Python coder. If you wish for some preface before starting full-blown coding lessons, you can always start with one of their super-interesting Holiday Camps (for ages 6 and above). They also offer special programs like DSA prep classes and Maker Technopreneurship Program, among many others. 

Location: SingPost Centre, 10 Eunos Road 8



Loshberry Code Studio

Subjects: Coding

Loshaberry understands that kinesthetic and tactile activities help children learn best. That’s why they have tailored their courses to offer students equal screen time and physical activity to effectively teach them how to code, prototype, and build things. The student-to-teacher ratio is 6:1. The goal is to develop resilience and a problem-solving attitude, educate them to fail quickly, learn from their mistakes, and use the newest tools, gadgets, and technology.

Their Coding Discovery Programs, like Junior Coders Courses (Ages 7-9), introduce the building blocks of coding via the latest tech tools like Ozobot, Scratch, and Micro:bit and Tween Coders program (Ages10-12) upskills from the ground level. The term programs for Junior Coders are divided further into four levels. You may choose the one that suits your interests the best. Later, able and bright students would join specialised programs for more advanced front-end and back-end Python coding. 

Location: Upper Bukit Timah Road, Beauty World Centre





If your child is interested in Lego Robotic classes in Singapore, Wonder Works is the place for them.

“Igniting Creative Minds, Nurturing Inventive Thinking”, true to their unique motto, Wonders Work truly supports a distinctive learning environment. Their working approach targets the need for acquiring life-ready skills in light of how complicated, global, and media-saturated our society is becoming—encouraging young people and adults to become aspiring, prosperous entrepreneurs. 

Creative and Inventive Thinking, Problem-Solving, Critical Thinking, and Cross-Cultural Communication— the values their Robotics for Kids programmes seek to instil among students. The well-known Robotics class in Singapore strives to produce successful entrepreneurs and inventors who pursue lifelong learning and actively contribute to the community. 

Their WondersRobotics programs train kids aged 5 and above in Lego Robotics Coding. Divided into three different programs – Junior Robotics Engineers (Ages 5 to 8), Young Robotics Engineers (Ages 8+), and Robotics Design Engineers (Ages 10 & above) – the main aim of the program is to introduce young kids to essential skills in STEAM and improve their fine motor skills. Students will use the latest Lego Robotics Kit while learning fundamental physical science ideas and important machine concepts.

They also offer WondersInvent, a program specifically designed to build entrepreneurship in children aged 7 and above. 

Location: Great World City





Your child can confidently grow from beginning to advanced level with the support of Computhink’s 10-year graded programme. Starting with Scratch and Minecraft, younger students learn how to programme before moving on to master Python, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Lua, and more!

With so many options, it can be confusing to pick something your child would thoroughly enjoy and greatly benefit from in the future. Computhink offers the option to take various student-level assessments starting from the foundation (for classes 7-11) to help you make the best decision. Each Computhink level consists of 2 semesters of 18 weekly lessons each, following a gradation process after every semester. The regular weekly coding classes in Singapore support an 8:1 student-mentor ratio. Parents can stay on top of their child’s progress with their project portfolios and regular parent consultation with the experts. 

Register and enjoy free level assessment!

Location: Toa Payoh Library



Young Engineers

Coding, Robotics, STEAM

The enrichment programmes by Young Engineers use a sensible edutainment strategy that combines education and entertainment. There is a custom-made curriculum and strategy for kids at both ends of the learning spectrum—from exceptional kids to those with learning disabilities. Contrary to conventional teaching techniques, they employ stories, experiments, and demonstrations to ensure that all kids learn while having fun.

The academy is officially recognised as 21stCentruy Education System by Harvard Graduate School. Every aspect of their curricula and teaching is backed by psychological science. The Juinor Bricks Challenge Class (Ages 3-5) and Algo Play (Ages 6-9) for Robotics, Coding and STEM program are fan-favourites among their offered courses. They also offer special DSA prep classes with a customisable schedule.

Location: Hougang, Katong, Novena, Jurong East, Tampines


 In conclusion, learning how to code and build robots can be a fun and rewarding experience for kids. With the right guidance and support, they can develop digital intelligence, computational thinking skills and problem-solving abilities that will serve them well in the future. 

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To explore more classes, go through our list of coding and robotic classes here. Why not start with a coding or robotic trial class to gauge your child’s interest?

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